~Aylssa's POV~

I woke up around dawn, with a huge headache. As my eyes took in the room around me I realized I was in a room I've never seen before. I groaned and sat up. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to my surroundings. It was a nice room and one I've never seen before. As I stood up, I almost fell because of my weak knees.

The door opened just then as Conner walked in. I stepped back remembering the other day.

"I think you deserve some explanations." I looked at him and gulped. "Where's Angel?" I looked at him hopefully. "She's fine and again I need to tell you something."

"Aylssa you're my cousin", he bluntly stated. I looked at him in shock. So when he kissed me on the forehead he didn't mean it as I thought. "Wow." He looked at me and laughed, "I tell you a secret and all I get is a wow?"


He told me everything and about how he couldn't wait to kill his father and he didn't regret it at all. My mind kept drifting though, to Tyler and how he was. "Lyssa?" I looked over at the entrance and she ran to me. We hugged for a long time until a cough sounded from Conner.

They both made eye contact as if having some sort of conversation. "I need to tell you something Lyssa." I looked at her questionably. "Conner says were... Conner says were..." I looked between them and raised an eyebrow. "He says were mates." I swear I stopped breathing.

After the shock resided I looked over at Conner and growled out a simple nine words. "If you are lying, I. Will. Kill you!" Angel grabbed my hand and stopped me from whatever was about to happen.

"I knew from the moment our eyes met in the basement. I had to keep up an act so my dad wouldn't find out because he definitely would have killed her. When he was taking her away, I lost it. I had to attack him and stop whatever pain he was going to inflict on my mate." I looked at Angel and she seemed to be happy with it so I was to.


I hugged Angel good bye I needed to leave and find my mate. I told them all about him and how I knew and such. Conner gave me some food and things to help me on my journey I also hugged Conner and said he was welcome wherever I end up.

I feel bad for leaving so soon but I really know that it's time I contact Tyler and try to find his location. I was off running through the forest when I decided to mind-link him.

"Tyler?" I waited a couple more minutes until he responded. "Alyssa? Are you alright? I don't feel pain anymore? Are you..." I stopped him in the middle of his sentence. "All you need to know is I left and I'm wandering in the middle of a forest, Conner told me we were right next to Black Moon's territory." I waited for a reply.

"Who's Conner?" I should have known he would ask questions and get all possessive over me. "My cousin." Right before I could do anything he responded with a quick, "I'm on my way". Then the mind-link went silent telling me he had put up his wall.

I sat down exhausted and pulled out one of the apples Conner packed for me. I was about on my second bite when a voice sounded behind me. "Look what we've got here." I turned around fast to see an 30 year old rougue leaning by a tree. "A gorgeous unmated she-wolf." I growled in warning and he stepped closer to me.

I grabbed my apple harder and threw as hard as I could and it slammed into the rougue's eye. He groaned in pain and I shifted to start running. He was faster though and caught up to me in no time. That's when I was thrown against a tree. God this rougue was strong.

His teeth were way to close to my neck. With my paw I swiped and clawed at his face, pissing him of even further. He let go briefly but enough time to let me run past him and dart into the trees.

I could feel him hot on my trail as headed farther away from my past. That's when I was tackled I whined as his teeth scraped my belly. I used all of my strength to push him off. I was tiring really fast. I was dodging his sharp claws when I fell. His jaws were coming closer and closer and I couldn't do anything about it. I gave into the darkness.


~Tyler's POV~

The minute Alyssa mentioned another guy my wolf got jealous. He was whining and begging me to ask who "Connor" was. I did, just to make him shut up and now she probably thinks I'm some possessive jerk. When she told me what pack she was around I knew that I had to get her out of there fast. The Alpha of Black Moon was overrun by rogues not that long ago.

I shifted and started to run into the woods and realized I hadn't brought extra clothes. I shrugged my shoulders and continued through the night. My wolf was getting more excited the closer we came. I stopped when I smelled something. Was it blood?

I quickened my pace but immediately stopped when I smelled the most beautiful smell. It smelled like lilacs and chocolate. I was breathing in the addictive smell when my head snapped to the side when I heard whimpers and howls of pain. I started to run towards the sound. As I entered through some bushes I was greeted with an angering sight. A rougue was on stop of my mate. MY MATE! Not to mention he was about to take her life.

I let out a threatening growl that shook the forest floor. When the rougue didn't move and just stared at me I lost it, my wolf took control.


I finally gained control 10 minutes after I killed that bastard. Alyssa was laying against a tree trunk still a wolf. I laid maybe about 4 feet away. I watched her chest move up and down having her scent calm me down.

Once I calmed down I shifted and didn't care that I was naked in front of her. She still didn't look up as I moved towards her. "Shift", I kindly told her. She looked up at my face and I felt her eyes slowly looking lower and lower and it was making my wolf elated. I decided to ruin the moment by asking, "Do you like what you see?" If she was a human right now she would be bright as a tomato.

I laughed as she stood up to walk behind a tree and shift. I wanted to see her in human form. Don't get me wrong she had a gorgeous wolf but her naked and in front of me, it made my wolf purr.

I waited like a couple more seconds but much to my dismay she has clothes on. "Where did you get those?" I questioned. She handed me shorts that I reluctantly took. "They were right under a tree." Most packs hide clothes under trees around their property in case they needed to shift so they wouldn't have to walk around completely naked.

That's when I took in her appearance. She was gorgeous! She had these hazel eyes with yellow circling her pupils, and this gorgeous thick auburn hair. She has a great butt too. My wolf piped in. I rolled my eyes at him when Alyssa woke me up from my trance.

"Hey my eyes are up here." I looked up to her face and wiggled my eyebrows. She blushed looking away and I loved it. Her blush was so gorgeous. "Let's go before these rogues know we're here." I heard her sigh and we started to head back. Her parents are going to be thrilled to see her.

As we walked I told her everything. About her family, her role as Luna, and more importantly her mate, ME! I would look over and see a scar across her wrist or her arm and would feel a surge of anger at whoever would do such a thing to such an innocent girl. I was quickly falling in love with everything about her and it was only the first day.

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