Chapter 17, Journey

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Kaliment took a deep breath then yawned. Isa was leading the way in the direction she had found him. They hoped that once they got there, the factory or facility wouldn't be much further, or their would be clues, even now after all this time, to show them the way.

Isa laughed when she turned around and looked at him, "My king you look lost and beaten puppy."

Kaliment rolled his eyes and sighed, he missed Kasandra. It had been two days since they had left. He wondered if she was alright, he bet so, Amir and his mother were more than capable of keeping his little princess happy.

"How much further?"

"That I do not know my king." Isa hissed as she snapped her head in the direction she heard a twig snap. There were bears in this forest and many other dangerous things. Kaliment drew his favorite gun, that Isa had stolen back for him and stood beside her.

"Well, well, well, will you look at that, he survived." The twig snapper laughed comming out of his hiding spot.

"I come for peace, you are the last people we know of that can help us, get back my kingdome." Kaliment replied lowering his gun slightly as the tall man came out of the forest, he wore clothing, with dashes and dots. He was almost invisable.

"Why would I do that?"

"Beause you are the reason this happened to me." Kaliment growled, for the first time realizing that this was all their faults. Now he was going to have to give them more to undo what they had done.

"I'll take you back to my boss, I will see if we can strike an agreement?"

"Do you have an army?"

The hodded man nodded, "Of course. You think it was easy stealing you?"

"How many?"

"Least three thousand."

Kaliment nodded not sure whether to believe him or not. Those people had stolen him, they had gotten him pregnant, and his kingdome stolen and now he wanted them to help him? Had he gone mad?

"I shall do no such thing. You will bring you boss here." Kaliment spat, he was not going back to that facility. Who knew what they would do to him this time.

"Oh so untrustwor...."

"You fucking impregnated me! You got my kingdome taken and now I can't care for them like a king should!" Kaliment screeched.

The man tipped his head to the side, "Them? You were pregnant with more than one? And you survived?"

Kaliment didn't reply, "Will you bring your boss here or no?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Just you and him." Kaliment spat, he had high levels of distrust towards this man. Who knew what he would come back with, probably an army.

"He is going to want to see ever many there are."

"Well he won't they are not up for trade." Kaliment spat, he would live in the forest his whole life rather than give anyone of his triplets up, especially Kasandra.

"I doubt my boss will even consider seeing you at all, in fact he will probably blow you right off the land."

Kaliment sighed he so badly wanted to tackle the man to the ground and kill him, but that could ruin his chances of getting his kingdome back for his little princess, that could ruin his chances of having allies, it could kill him or Isa, and so many more things could happen.

"Why do you want a child from me?" Kaliment asked, giving a slight shutter.

"Did you have a daughter?"

Kaliment didn't reply, "Why do you want a child from me?"

"Because you are the first creature alive capable of getting pregnant, bascially by yourself, with just a little help, and you can get others pregnant, speaking females. Since it is bad for females to fight, it means all the men have to, they will kill themselves one day and then their will be no men left. The world will die. Or if somehow all the females died from a virus, remember the Lislas strand, that kill more than half in just a few weeks? The males could repopulate the world."

"Just get your boss."

"What have you to offer? He won't come without one. For after all he is taking time out of his busy day to come see you."

"I am not offering up my children now, but I will offer myself." Kaliment replied forcing himself not to spit in fury, how could that man speak to him like that, he was the king! "I am willing to bare another child for your sick company."

"Oh," The man sounded interested, "I will see what my master says, I will be back with or without him by sundown." With that he gave a slight bow, turned around and walked away.

Kaliment just sighed, and sat down with a flop in the snow. He was just starting to lose his belly fat, and he was finally no longer bleeding on top of that. He didn't want another child, especially one that he would have to give away. Isa just sighed as well and sat beside him, putting her arms around him, and her head on his shoulder. For now they would just wait till sun down, and see how things went from there.

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