•Last days, new people, & Cuts•

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•Madi's POV•

My alarm went off at 5:00 to get ready for school. "Uhhhhhhhhh, I hate school!" I yelled loudly "Madi are you up!" My mom yelled from down stairs.

"Sadly, yes" I replied "hurry up you don't wanna be late on the last day retard!" She said walking out of my room.

I did my usual, I checked my Instagram, snapchat, twitter, then tumblr, and last YouTube.

Tweet: "I h8 school with a passion"

I plugged my phone into my speaker and blasted 'Sugar' by Maroon V.

I already did my hair yesterday, all I have to do it touch it up.

"Madi, can I come in and watch you?" My sister asked. She's like 4 and she's the most sweetest four year old I know.

Most toddlers are so annoying, I mean Ana can get annoying but she's not really really annoying.

"Yeah just sit on my bed." I pointed, and she plopped down.

Today is my last day of sophomore year, next year I'll be a junior. I finally get out of this hell hole.

I put on my concealer, foundation, mascara, winged my eyes with liquid eyeliner, and last my favorite shade of lipstick, black.

No I'm just kidding, dark red. Then I put on my dark washed high wasted pants with rips in them, a V neck black crop top, my combat boots, and my black cardigan.

People say I wear to much black. I mean I get it, black isn't a usual color. But I love the color black, it matches with everything!

"Madi are you ready?" My brother Andrew asked a little annoyed. "Yeah hold on I just need one. more. thing." I said grabbing my lipgloss, backpack, and my phone.

Checking myself one last time in the mirror. "Come on Ana." I grabbed her small hand

After we dropped Ana off at day care, Andrew and I went to Dunkin Donuts before we went to school.

*Fourth period*

"Hey babe." Adam whispered to me. "Hey Adam" I whispered back.

He placed a note on my desk and I read it 'When I place my hand on you thigh don't do anything'

I didn't know what he was talking about, until he dug a blade into my thigh. I couldn't help but scream.

He gave me a glare. I quickly got up and everyone was looking at me and Adam.

"Miss's Miller, are you alright" the teacher asked me.

I looked at my thigh, to the teacher, to Adam, and back at my thigh.

I covered my thigh an walked out of the room with my books.

Adam came out of the classroom, I quickly ran into the women's bathroom and locked the door.

After a couple of minutes I peaked my head out of the door and seen no one.

Running down the hall way, not paying attention. I ran into someone causing me to fall on the floor.

I looked up and I could not believe my eyes. Cameron Dallas.

Just sitting there staring at him for a couple minutes he finally said "are you okay?" His voice rough

"Eh-uh-um" I said clearing my throat "yea, yes, yeah I'm fine."

He extended his hand out for me to get up. His arms were huge. His muscles were bigger than my dreams.

(AN: lmfaaooooo)

I grabbed his hand and used my weight and his weight to help myself off of the ground.

"What's your name?" I asked him, acting like I didn't know his name or who he was.

He looked a little shocked. "Cameron Dallas" he said in a duh tone.

"I've never heard of you." I laughed as we walked down the hall. "I'm new here, can you help me find my way?" He asked looking at me, but I didn't look at him. I just nodded.

I looked at his class sheet, and he had every single class with me.

"We have every class together." I said smiling. "Really?!" He kinda sounded excited. But I just nodded.

I can't believe I'm talking to Cameron Mf Dallas.

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