Chapter Four - You Dont Know Me That Well.

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I think all in all I must've gotten around about an hour and a halfs sleep. But in the time I was awake I had managed to convince myself that whether I wanted to or not, I was going to tell Tom that I had these strong feelings for him. At about nine o'clock I forced myself to get out of bed and into a shower. I shampood my hair and washed my body before getting out. Once I was dry I went into my wardrobe and picked out a floral print dress and a light denim jacket to wear. I put a pair of white frilly socks on with this outfit and my white low converse. Once I was fully dressed I sat down at my make up table to apply my usual makeup which consisted of concealer, foundation, a lit bit of blush, mascara, eyeliner and lip balm. I guess you could say that I take pride in my appearance. I wouldn't say that I'm particularly pretty though, I just like to spend a little extra time in the morning making myself a little more presentable. When I was finally fully happy with my makeup, I blow dried my long blonde hair into its natural curls which fell down to just above my bum.

It was only twelve o'clock when I got ready so I decided that I'd phone Tom to go out for food with me.
"Morning Thomas!"I said down the phone when he answered, with a little squeak in my voice.
"Morning, Lauren. What's up that you're calling so early?" He asked.
"It's midday for a start and I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere and grab food with me, my parents are just about to away to Scotland for two weeks so Emily is watching me and Mike and she won't be cooking anything for me because she was out last night." I said
"Yeah sure, I'll come and get you once I'm ready and then we can go. I want to, no I need to tell you something when I see you as well." He replied, making me very nervous.
"I have to tell you something too, but I'll tell you later. See you soon." I said and hung up the phone. My heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach, what did he want to tell me? And what if it totally contradicted what I was about to tell him? I felt like I was going to me sick so I opened my bedroom window and hung out of it for a few minutes. I came back inside I closed my window slightly so it was only open on the hatch. My bedroom faces toms bedroom so when I came back in I realised he had been watching my hanging out of my window, standing in nothing but his boxers. I saw him open up his window to speak to me so I opened mine back up.
"Are you okay, you looked like you were about to be sick?" He asked.
"No I'm fine, I just felt a bit warm and dizzy." I said.
"Well come over here and I'll give you a hug, I'm freezing." He said.
"That's because you're standing with your window open in just your boxers." I laughed.
"Yeah I know, just come over and I'll tell you something." He said, our windows both had a massive ledge outside of them that we both called our little balconies, they were also that big that you could walk from one house to the other without a struggle or having to jump. I quickly put my mobile on the cabinet that sat next to my window and then walked over the window ledge to toms and climbed inside his room.

I hugged him as soon as I got into his room and I didn't ever want to let go.
"I really need to tell you something, now." He said, still hugging me.
"Go on then..." I said breaking away from the hug, grasping on to his arms.
"I don't know how to say this..." He said, with a look of doubt in his eyes.
"I won't judge you." I said.
"Right, well this is quite a big thing and it might be awkward after I tell you. I've been thinking about this for a while and I know we've known each other for practically all of our lives but I can't help the way I feel. I really like you. Like I like like you and I know you probably don't feel the same way as I do but I just had to tell you anyway because it was driving me insane keeping it from you." He said, looking down at the ground, "This I probably going to be awkward now because I know you don't feel the same way-" he said but I cut him off to say,
"Well you clearly don't know me very well because I do feel the same and I was going to tell you today." I said.
"So what happens now?" He asked.
"Whatever you want..." I mumbled.
He paused for a moment and then said, "I want this." Before leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

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