Chapter 37 - (Un)Happy New Year

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This is not the way this day should have gone. While everybody around me is in a celebratory mood, I only feel like sulking. I don't want to be home alone, then I rather deal with the pity looks from my friends.

"Here you go Sam," says Rory handing me a beer and I mutter thanks.

Besides a glass of wine with a meal, I rarely drink. Tonight I'm so upset that I need some alcohol to dull my feelings.

"How are you doing babe?" says Erin putting her arm over my shoulders and kissing my cheek.

"Same," I grunt.

"Are you going to call her tonight?"

"She will probably be resting or spending time with her family after the hospital visit. I don't think I should bother her,"

Li Mun heard the day before yesterday that her father suffered a fall a few days ago while trimming some trees. She was insanely pissed that her brothers and her mother kept this information from her. She heard it from one of her aunts. He is doing better, but has a hip fracture. Li Mun decided then and there to spend New Year's Eve and a few days after out of town with her family.

I asked her if she wanted me to go with her, but she declined. She said that she will be spending a lot of time in the hospital and it wasn't going to be fair for me and that she will be back in a few days. I know this was an emergency and I shouldn't be selfish, but I had everything planned.

I contacted a hotel in the small town Bellesea in front of the pier and they agreed to help me with my plans. It was going to be lovely. We had a suite overlooking the water and would get a nice intimate dinner in the room. I had the music arranged. She loves big band jazz so I made sure to make a good playlist. I wanted to dance with her in the room and drink champagne. At midnight, while watching the fireworks, I was going to go down on one knee and ask her to be my wife. Everything has gone down the drain.

"Everything will be alright," she says moving my curls out of my face.

"You look really pretty by the way," I say, taking in her silver glittery dress.

"Thanks, babe. You look very handsome as well. I'm glad that you decided to spend tonight here with us. Hey, there is the man of my dreams,"

I look to my right and see Matt coming in. He has spent enough time here at the club and knows pretty much everybody that works in here. He shakes hands with the staff, and greets other people, as he makes his way in. A bag hangs from his shoulder and he rolls a silver metal suitcase behind him.

"Hi, Sam. Thanks for saving me a parking spot Erin. The queue outside to enter the club is insane. I see the screen is on already," he says, shaking my hand and kissing Erin.

"Yeah, Noah and Rory mounted it. The beamer is already on as the rental company suggested. We can make a test now if you want,"

Matt and Erin move to the small sound booth and connect his equipment. There will be an official broadcast on TV at midnight for the New Year's countdown and it will be shown on the big screen they rented. Erin came yesterday with the idea that it will be nice as they will be showing the fireworks at the Bellesea Pier. Finger in my heart wound... ouch.

"It is going to be packed tonight," says Adam next to me leaning on the bar. His gaze moves around surveying the people that have been allowed to enter already. "Sam, do you know what is bothering Claire?"

Claire has been acting very strange since the marriage chat last week. She has been quiet in the kitchen, only talking when necessary.

"She is not talking much, so I wouldn't know. Did you guys have a fight or something?"

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