Chapter 1: The Beggining of the End

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I'm not writing this journal to be famous. Hey, I don't even think after everything, there will be anyone left. No I'm writing this to keep sane, and to prove to myself I'm not mental. This journal will help me look back on the past, and I can use that to my advantage in the future.

BANG! I woke up. What was that? I went downstairs to investigate. There was a strange light coming from the window. I went to check it out. Immediatly, I wish I didn't. I saw a huge mushroom cloud. "What," I screamed. Uh oh. Not the best idea. a tall, slender man wearing all black and a mask pointed a gun at me. As if on que, I dropped down into fetal position, ready to get shot. Instead, the man commanded, "stay that way, or you'll get a bullet in your stomach like the old woman!" I was shocked and filled with rage. He said, " you hear me kid," walking up to me and pointing the gun on my back, its cold metal just barely not touching me.

"Wrong move," I told him. I immediately grabbed the gun, and kicked his legs out from under him. "Now get the heck out of my house or I'll put a bullet in your stomach, just like the old woman!" I threw up a little in my mouth, right as I said that. He took that opertunity, and kicked me right in the chest. It knocked me over, and I lost grip of the gun. he dashed for it, but I got to it first.

I threw it across the room, and tripped him. I was immediatly on top of him, pounding him with punches. He threw me off of him, then reached for his knife. He tried to stab me, but I rolled out of the way just in time. He tried to stab me again. But this time I wasn't prepared. I quickly grabbed his hand, and started trying to push his hand away from me. Then I decided I had a better plan of action. I quickly twisted his wrist, breaking it.

He ran screamed, and tried to punch me. I dodged it, quickly got on my feet, and ran for the gun. "Get out! Now!" and with that he slowly got to his feet, and backed away. He then reached for his knife. I pulled the trigger. The bullet found a home in his chest, killing him. I rushed to go help my mom but it was already too late. Then of course, my little sister Maria came downstairs. I explained everything to her. She was crying and crying. "We have no time for tears. We need to seal the doors and windows shut so no radiation could come in from the nuke.

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