Chapter 31: Big Meal

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Photo: Maisie and Molly ready for the meal...

2 months later

Molly's POV..
Today is meal day the people that are going are..
Me Alex Maisie and tommy
Claire Dan Alice Chelsea Amy
Lydia Liam Lewis
Joanna Richard Jessica and Ella the new baby girl
Jack Ruby Jessica and adopted son Jordan
Harry Taylor ( Harry and Taylor are back together) Louis Kyle and Harvey who is adopted
My mum Mary my dad mark
Alexs mum Amanda Alexs dad Alan
Stacey Steve Georgia.
We parked up at the pub and everyone was here I grabbed Tommy's hand he was running off I said no naughty boy he is 3 years old now he is so cheeky Maisie is 5 she is ok we walked inside and I saw my mum waving Maisie ran over to her and jumped On her knee tommy ran over to uncle Richard he said wow mister look how big you are now I said yeah and cheeky Richard he said oh you are a right funny sister in law jack walked up to me and gave me a massive hug and he picked me up I screamed and said jack put me down he said no chance then he put me down on the floor I turned round and in front of me was Harry I said omg I can't believe it's you and jumped into his arms I said did you have a nice holiday he said yeah thanks Kyle went over to Georgia Harry said do not mention Brittany I said ok and I gave him another hug then jack said it's a shame our oldest brother Josh isn't here Joanna said hey brother and sister what's up I said last time I heard anything on Josh was when I turned 18 which was 6 years ago Joanna said I was 18 and Jack said I was 18 too then we saw the door open...

Joshs POV...
I walked into the regular pub where everyone used to come me and my wife Vicky moved to America I was 20 when I moved away that was 6 years ago I am now 26 my two girls are 4 poppy and daisy vicky is 26 I haven't seen Joanna Molly or Jack for 6 years or my mum and dad I walked into the pub I was really close with my sister Molly she is the youngest out of us all I was born first then after 2 years Jack was born then Joanna then Molly Jack Molly and Joanna were all the same year I was born two years before my mum shouted Josh I said omg mum it's so nice to see you she burst out crying..

Molly's POV..
I said Joanna Jack mum is crying me Joanna and Jack all walked over to mum to see in way it's josh I screamed and fell to the floor josh looked at me and he said Molly I jumped into his arms I said I can't believe it's you I didn't recongise you then Alex came over and said everything ok I ran into his arms and started crying Josh turned round and said hi I am Molly Jack and Joanna's older brother from America we have come back for 1 week Alex said Molly babe are you ok I nodded and said I am sorry I just can't believe it's you josh and I gave him another hug I said anyway josh this is my husband Alex we have been married 4 years I said this is Maisie after you left I met Alex and had Maisie then we got married and we had tommy josh said wow I missed a lot I laughed and we all had a drink..

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