Thor- Pose, My Lady

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Thor stood in a majestic position, flexing his muscles while you sketched him.

"Am I muscular enough, Lady (your name)?" He gave me a hot look.

"Oh yes. Yes indeed you are." You thought he was a freaking hotty. And actually, Thor thought you were quite beautiful too.

"Thor, what'd you want to do now? I'm finished." You held up your sketch. It looked just like him. His beautiful flexing body.

"Now, you pose." He smirked.

"Ok." You laughed. "How?" You switched places with him and crossed your arms with an eyebrow raised.

"Alright lady (your name). Take off your drapes and lay down. You may cover yourself with a blanket." He took out the pencil and a new sheet of paper.

"Thor. I'm not getting naked..." You blushed with such innocence.

"Do not worry, Lady (your name). I will not do anything that is not appropriate for the situation." He smiled.

His smile was true and you could tell he meant no harm and he wasn't going to do anything to you.

"Oh God, what am I doing..." You changed and came out with a white sheet over your nude body.

"Alright, put the sheet down to cover the lower regions of thine body. And lay thyself down on the couch. Rest one your stomach." He spoke so beautifully.

"O-ok..." You laid on your stomach on the couch and pushed the sheet down to cover your lower half.

"Yes, that suits you beautifully." He smirked and raised the pencil. "Oh... But one simple problem..."

He stood up and walked over to you, putting his hair up in a ponytail, letting the front dangle down. He took your legs and stuck them up. Then, he pointed your head towards him and looked at you closely in the eyes.

"You're beautiful." He smiled sincerely.

"You're not so bad yourself." You chuckled and pushed yourself closer to him.

He leaned in just enough to press his lips into yours. Damn, you were kissing Thor. You were kissing Thor. A God. An Asgardian God. Nice.

Thor began kissing harder but became nervous that he was moving too fast. You pushed your tongue into his mouth to reassure him.

"Ooooh, the God of thunder has turned into the God of lloooove." Tony laughed while he stood in the doorway of the living room.

"Shit!" You cursed and pulled the sheet you wore up higher. "Damn you Tony!" You got up and chased after him.

"Shhhiiit!" He ran as Thor laughed at your antics.

AN: gotta love Thor... And Tony's stupidity for interrupting. I hope you enjoyed this one shot! It was exciting to write! Vote, comment, follow, request!
-Mrs. Holmes

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