Episode 29

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Joe made his way into work the next day pulling his suit jacket further over his shoulders, he greeted everyone back who greeted him. He was slowly getting into the working life, becoming friends with his co-workers, them helping out where they could. He worked in a huge building where lawyers were employed by a main man, clients would be given a choice on which lawyer they would want after speaking to the big man. Joe entered his office which had just been called his after a golden plaque was placed on his door with his full name on. He took a seat at his desk loading his laptop up staring at his son on the photo frame until it loaded, he had a spot reserved for his daughter when she arrived right next to her big brother. He just wished he could have a lifetime with his daughter and not just up to two years or even five months like he had with Luca.

"Hey Jonas." He heard looking up seeing his new boss.

"Hey sir, what's up?" Joe questioned watching as he walked further into the room taking a seat on the chair opposite his desk so they were face to face.

"I've been impressed with what you have shown over the weeks and I think your finally ready to have your first case. It's not a huge one and the odds are stacked against your client so you should be okay, you up for it?" He questioned Joe quickly nodding his head.

"Of course I am." Joe stated Gary laughing at his eagerness.

"Great, you have a meeting with the client at one but for now here are the papers to tell you what's going on. The case will be held in court next Thursday, good luck." He left the room without saying another word after handing Joe a folder. Joe made himself a quick coffee before he read through the sheets of paper.

Demi had been spending a lot of time at the Jonas house over the time, mainly cause Nick was there and Denise wanted to get to know the future mother of her Grandbaby. Demi would also spend most nights at her parent's house knowing she could see them a lot more now she wasn't working, she officially quit her job, she needed to be there for her daughter as much as she could when the time came. Demi took a seat on the couch in between Nick and Selena.

"You know it's still hard to realise your carrying a Jonas in there, and it's a girl! We don't have girls often in this family as you can gather." Nick exclaimed Demi laughing.

"She's going to be a special little girl, that's all I know." Demi stated laying her hand on her bump which was cradling her daughter. She always liked to lay her hand there.

"Have you two thought about names yet?" Selena inquired Demi nodding her head.

"I think we're set on a name but we're not telling anyone, we want it to be a surprise plus we could always change it before then or even when she is born." Demi explains both of them groaning, Demi couldn't help but laugh.

"At least Joe is getting involved." Nick spoke leaning back in his chair. He didn't know after everything he had been through with Luca whether he was but his older brother seemed to be getting better as the days went by.

"I still need to ask him whether he wants to be on the birth certificate or not, do you think he will want to?" Demi inquired.

"I think he would and if he doesn't now by the time she is here he will, is she going to be a Jonas or Lovato though?" Selena answered adding in her own question.

"That's something else we need to talk about, it's about time we get this issues sorted. He's offered to take me shopping on Saturday so we can begin buying supplies for her," Demi explained Nick and Selena smiling at how much they seemed to be getting along. They had to get along if they were going to raise a baby together. "I refuse for my baby girl to be dressed in pink or have a pink room, it's just a typical colour for a little girl. I'm thinking yellows, what do you guys think?"  Selena and Nick agreed, they both knew how great of a mother Demi was going to be.


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