Chapter Four: Family fun

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Today was the neighborhood block party and of course everyone was going. It starts at three and it's going on all day. Apparently Lexi sees this as a way of getting the family back together and Dylan and I together again. Everyone was going I mean it was a neighborhood party and people from other cities were coming. And it was held at this community center outside. And this sweet old lady, Mrs. Willow, was hosting it. She's been doing it for over ten years now.

Hayes and I rode in the same car there with the lasagna I stole it from Jim but told everyone I made. I do it every time. Hey it's not my fault I'm a bad cook. We arrived and went in the center with my lasagna and I saw Mrs. Willow. "Oh hello Isabelle!", she hugged and kissed my cheek. "Oh hello Hayes darling!", she said and kissed his cheek. "And you've brought food!", she said happy. "Yeah I made it myself", I said smiling. "Oh Isabelle...", she sighed. "Everyone knows you didn't make it and Jim did", she whispered. "I know", and looked down ashamed.

"Yeah Jim is pretty awesome's just no one can out do his cooking", she said. I pouted and set the lasagna in her hands. The music was playing and I went to the back outside where the pool was and water guns, water toys, and more stuff.

By four, everyone was having a blast. I just sprayed Hayes so hard he fell into the pool. Okay when I think it in my head it kinda sounds wrong but hey! What the heck. "Attention attention! I have an announcement to make", Mrs.Willow said into a mic. All the kids and everyone outside went into the building with our towels. "I just want to say that there's more food left over there and more lasagna- "Lasagna that I made!", I yelled. "EVERYBODY KNOWS ITS JIMS LASAGNA IZZY!!", everyone yelled all together.

I put my head down in shame and walked to the corner. "But it's good lasagna", I whispered. "Anyways have a good time and enjoy!", Mrs.Willow finished off and played the music again and everyone went back to what they were doing. Then Jim walked over to me. "So are you the one that's been stealing my lasagna?", he asked raising an eyebrow. "Nooo", I said softly. "Isabelle", he sat down next to me. "Fine, okay it was me! I'm sorry for stealing your lasagna." I lowered my head. "Would you like me to teach you to cook lasagna?", he asked and I looked up.

"Really?!", I cheered. "Haha! No you must be punished for what you did", he said with an evil look. "Wait what?" Then he whistled loudly and all the kids along with Hayes came rushing through the door. "Get her kids!", Jim yelled and they came running after me. "AAHHH!!!!" I ran through the backyard and saw Cameron and the guys with their arms behind their backs. "Cameron you gotta help me!", I yelled. "Well I'm kinda in it", he smirked and pulled out a water gun. "This ones for stealing Jim's lasagna!", they yelled and I turned back around and saw the kids, Hayes, and Jim running towards me.

All this for lasagna?

Then I got on my knees and covered my head. "Have mercy on my soul!" Then Hayes picked me up and threw me over his back. He started running towards the pool. "Hayes what are you doing?" He got closer. "Hayes put me down!", I yelled. "Too late", he said and jumped in the pool. Then I rose to the surface and saw all the kids laughing. "Oh yeah?!", I yelled and dunked Hayes's head underwater and we started laughing again. I got out the pool with him still in the water. He rose back up. "Okay now help me up", he said and me being the idiot I am grabbed his hand.

Then he pulled me back in. "Alright guys give them some space!", Carter yelled and we helped each other out of the pool laughing. We sat down on the chairs grabbing our towels and looked into each other's eyes. Then something interrupted our trance. "Isabelle?", I heard Dylan say. "Oh hi Dylan", I said getting up quickly. "Do you wanna take a walk?", he asked and I looked back at Hayes. "No no, go ahead wouldn't wanna be a third wheel", Hayes said and walked away.

I sighed. "Sure", and took his hand.


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