Chapter 4 - "Sooo, Elevators are cool?"

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Our hotel was called The Waldorf and sat just off Oxford High Street. As I made my way down in the elevator from the 20th floor, I looked down at my outfit for the billionth time. I don’t know why I was so nervous. I smoothed down the flared skirt of my black skater dress and took a deep breath.

“You can do this. You can totally do this. You are a strong, confident and capable woman.” I whispered to myself in the elevator. Ya, I really need to stop talking to myself.

The elevator’s door chimed, signalling it was opening and I quickly walk out heading for towards the hotel restaurant.

It wasn’t hard finding the others, I could hear laughter and the clinking of glasses, but what gave them away was Willa’s fiery red hair. You could spot her from miles away.

I chuckle at that thought, and made my way over to them. The boys of estate, Willa and Holland sat at a rectangular table at the corner of the restaurant, hidden away, I’m guessing for privacy purposes. Karl wasn’t there though, he probably turned in early.

I walk past the security guards, giving them a bright smile and make my way over. Willa has her right arm stretched across the back of Holland’s chair and a glass of red wine in her left. Holland, not surprisingly is reading a book, and has barely touched her coke. It seems like everyone was waiting for me. Shit.

Luke, Will and Gerard and Spencer sat across from Willa, Holland and Graeme. There was a spot in between Graeme and Willa that I hope was saved for me.

As I neared, I caught Willa’s eye and smiled.

“Sierra! You’re here. Good. Come sit by me, I saved you a seat.” She said as she patted the spot I had already scoped out.

“Thanks Willa. Hey everyone!” I said in a cheerful voice. I got a head nod from Luke, audible hellos from Will, Gerard and Graeme and a cheeky smile from Spencer. Who was sitting right across from me.

Juuuuuuuust GREAT.

I quickly smiled back at Spencer, and looked away. I wanted to be friendly. Strictly Friendly. I reached for my glass, my throat suddenly parched and downed a few sips.

I needed alcohol. STAT.

I looked around and realized that everyone began scanning the menu, so I decided to do the same. Hmmm. What shall I order…Well since I’m in London, I might as well order a nice roasted platter. So, I decided on a roasted chicken potatos and vegetable platter. I’m not really a salad kind of girl, I just loved carbs too much.

We order our food and order some more wine. Red is my favourite!

I just sit back, looking around the table. A small smile plastered on my face. I can’t believe I’m here. I take in Willa’s loud red hair, and the wild gestures of her hands as she tells some story from her wild 20’s. I heard the word thongs and N’SNYC somewhere in there. I just smiled even wider. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Throughout dinner I can feel Spencer’s eyes on me whenever I make a move. I could see him studying me when I was talking with Ger and Luke. I could see him taking me in, it was like he could see through me. It felt like my heart was in my stomach.

For dinner, Spencer changed in to a crisp blue shirt, with the top few buttons open – hinting at his broad chest, and he paired it with tan trousers and a pair of gray desert boots. He looked utterly scrumptious.

My heart would literally pause whenever I caught im glancing at me. I didn’t like this feeling, not one bit.

Three hours later, after lots of wine and a delicious meal it was time to call it a night. The guys of Estate were nicer than I thought they would be. Luke and Ger were the jokesters of the group – they had each other howling with laughter the entire night, sometimes with just one look at each other. It was hilarious to watch!

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