Chapter 3

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As I woke up I heard my phone ringing. "Chris" a smile came instantly to my face. "Heey." "Good morning, beautiful." Blush came to my cheeks. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. "Very well. Are at work?" "Yes." "Maybe I should come there and have breakfast with someone." "That sounds fair enough for me." "Well then I'm gonna change my clothes and be there in 20 minutes." "Sounds wonderful." "See you soon." "See you soon." I hung the phone and fell on my back to the bed. I held my phone on my heart and just smiled.

When I finally got up and changed my clothes I tied my hair in a messy bun and leaved. I yelled to my dad that I will be back soon. He smiled and nodded. I smiled back and started walking to the beach. As I saw the beach bar I saw him. He was busy serving customers and looke tired. It was only 1 o'clock and he looked tired already. I smiled and walked to the tisk. "Could I have one breakfast buddy and some pancakes?" When he recognized my voice, a small smile came across his face. "Finally my prince arrived." I laughed "oh, now I'm  a prince?" He laughed and kissed my cheek. "I'll bring your pancakes to the table, your highness." "Well thank you, George." He bursts out laughing and went to do my pancakes. I walked to my table and took my phone. I scroll through Facebook and Instagram when suddenly Chris posted a picture of me sitting in the sun on my phone. He captioned "When you see her, you know you can't lose her" I smiled and liked it. Then he came to the table with my pancakes and sat down. "I saw your picture. It was good." "I know." "And how do you know?" "Because you're in it." I laughed and took my pancakes. As i ate them, he just looked at me. He didn't say or do anything just stared. When I looked in to his beautiful green eyes I knew it. He would never lose me. He would always protect me from the out world. I knew I would be safe with him.

We walked and played at the beach we played at the water. He teased me and took me on a drive with his truck. He took me to  the city and showed me some of his military friends. I had the best time of my life. In the evening he took me home and as he promised he stayed the night. As I changed my clothes he sat on my couch. When I went back to my bedroom he stood up as a gentleman. I laughed and walked to my bed. "Chris." "Yes?" "You can sleep with me. You don't have to sleep in the couch." "You sure?" "Chris, I'm sure." He took off his shirt and jeans. I stared at his perfect body. He did his perfect half smile. And came next to me. He pulled the planked on us and layed his hand over my waist. I turned to him and looked at his eyes and lips. He leaned in and kissed me. 'He's kissing me again!' I kissed back and put my hands on his cheeks. He pulled me on top of him and moved his hands on my back and waist. He turned me under him and broke our kiss. He looked at me and smiled. "You truly are my one and only." I smiled and pulled his lips on my lips and pushed my nails in his back. He moved his lips lower to my collar bones. He got up and pulled me to sit. He lifted my shirt slowly and questioning me if I was still okay with it. He is such an gentleman. I nodded and took off my shirt. He learned my body and continued kissing me. Once again he turned me on top of him and the he lifted me to sitting position. And kissed my collar bones. He moved down to my stomach while I played with his hair. 'Is this really happening to me? I'm  about to have sex with Chris. Who is fucking gorgeous!' He stopped suddenly and looked at me. "Sammy, you need to be honest with me. Have you ever done this?" 'Shit. He's right. This is my first time. Sure I have heard it but never done it.' "Umm, well no. But I am ready." "You absolutely sure?" "Chris. I am sure." He smiled and then came closer to my lips again. And kissed me softly. He slowly pulled my pants off and looked me once again. "Sure?" "Chris. I am!" I said laughing a little. He smiled and moved closer. 'This is it!' He kissed me and entered. It hurt a little at first and he was kind to move slowly. He continued kissing me while moving his hips. I placed my hand on his neck and pulled him closer. He moved for a while and pulled off. He broke our kiss and moved next to me. He kissed my head and pulled it on top off his chest. I listened his heartbeat and fell asleep to it.

I woke up to Chris leaving. "Where are you going?" "To work. Don't  worry I'll  make you breakfast. Just be there before 10." "I will." "Good. See you then." "See you then." He leaved the door and I heard his steps walk away on my porch. 'I'm so gonna be dead when I go to my parents cottage.' I layed on my bed for a while thinking about last night and how amazing it was. 'Am i falling for this guy?' My heart was telling me to run to his arms and never leave. It may be right because it has been almost a month now and there haven't been a day when I have not been with him. It really is amazing how fast things go. He might be my first love.

I went to shower and then put my black loose crop top and shorts. I run to my parents cottage and said that I will go again and that I don't know when will I be back. Then I went to the beach bar.

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