Chapter 24

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"I know."

My mom said calmy.

"Y-you do?"

I said standing up.

"Yes, Kennedy.....Your father was a werewolf. I was going to tell you the night you and Mason went on a date, but I didn't want to ruin your night out."


"Kennedy, your father was an alpha. I was his Luna. When he was killed by Alpha Hayes, I went into hiding. Right after the war, I found out I was pregnant with you."

"Wait, Hayes? Th-that's Shred's father!"

I remembered his name. How could he be the son of an alpha? Has he told his dad about...

"Yes, it is Kennedy-"

"How could you not tell me! You knew I was endangered when I was hanging out with the son of the alpha who killed my father, and you couldn't tell me?!"

"Kennedy, it was for your own good-"

"How? We all know there could be a chance Shred's dad is after me?! You would really put me in that position?!"

Mason growled beside me. He was not liking my tone. I stomped out of the living room and slammed my bedroom door. I leaned againsted the door and slid down slowly.

Was my mom trying to put me in danger?! How could she?! I hadn't even known my father because she wouldn't tell me about him! 

I felt the need to run. My wolf wanted out, she wanted to be away from the drama. I slowly stood and heard a knock on my door. I looked at the door and smelt Mason's scent. I wiped a tear that slid down my face away and opened the door. 

Mason was standing in the doorway, clearly looking uncomfotable.


I growled, trying to hold back my tears.

"Can we, uh, talk?"

He asked as frowned.

"Let's go for a run."

I said grabbing my converse dragging Mason toward my terrace.

"It's, um, not that far of a drop. You can shift when your jumping..."

I said, akwardly as I. Mason stood there was I swung my feet over the edge.

"What's wrong, you scared of heights or something?"

"I'm not scared of them, I just dislike them."

A small smile formed on my lips. I took Mason's hand and pulled him toward me.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone the bad alpha 'dislikes' heights. Come on, we'll jump together."

Mason growled beside me. He jumped up next to me and we jumped together. Before we hit the ground, we shifted. I stopped and the wind blew in my fur. 

I looked at Mason and he was looking up at my terrace. He shook his pelt off and turned to me. It had been a whole since I shifted... 

Oh right, I still have two tails. I circled around and looked at my tails. I saw the third one was forming on my left side. I felt Mason against me.

'Let's go.'

'Mason, what's going to happen when I get my third tail?'

Mason shifted slightly.

'Do you want to go see Trevor tommorrow?'

I looked into the forest and nodded.

'Tommorrow, okay?'

'Alright. Let's go.'

Mason nodded and we dashed into the forest.

I wonder about my tails sometimes... 

What is the real secret behind them...?



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