Y/N P.O.V.

“Hi Dan.” I say, sitting on the edge of the bed in my new lace underwear. I hear him swallow hard

“Come on babe don’t be nervous, it’s just me.” I try to sound seductive. “lay on the bed and relax.” He lays down quickly. I crawl over to where he is laying, straddling his thighs. I look him in the eyes while undoing his belt, jeans button and zipper. His eyes are closed and he lets out a shaky moan.

I pull down his jeans and boxer briefs. I look him in the eyes one last time before kissing the tip. I smirk at the thought I’m the only one that can make him moan.

I kiss him a few times before taking him completely.

Phil P.O.V.

'Where is Dan?' “Dan is in his bedroom.” They are asking for Dan like always. 'Get him!' “okay I’ll go and see what he is doing.”

I knock on his door not waiting for a  response I open it. I walk in the room for about two meters when I see what was happening. How didn’t I hear the moans? Was I that focused on my live show?  In shock I drop my laptop, getting the attention form Dan and Y/N.  shit!

Dan P.O.V.

I hear something drop on the floor causing my eyes to open. What is Phil doing in my room? “What the fuck Phil!” I yell at him while covering myself and Y/N. “sorry sorry sorry.” He keeps apologizing. He grips what looks like his laptop on sprints out of the room. “why did he had his laptop with him?” Y/N softly asks me.

Phil P.O.V.

I look at the comments on younow.  'Was that Dan and Y/N?' 'who was that?' 'Dan was getting a bj!'  'Y/N and Dan?'

These are the kind of comments I see. I have no idea what to say. “uhm… I think it’s the end of the live show I say, trying to sound cheerful. “bye guys!” I end the broadcast before starting to cry.

Y/N P.O.V.

“I’m going to kill him!” Dan is really pissed about what just happened. “Dan you are angry, you don’t’ want to say things you are going to regret. Let me talk to him first.” “No” “yes and now shut up and stay here.” It’s funny how he always listens to me when I command him.

I walk into the lounge and find Phil crying, I wrap his arms around him. “I’m sorry.” He sniffles. “I was doing a younow and… and…” he is clearly upset. “it’s okay, calm down.” I look up and see Dan.

“We will deal with the internet later. “ I say.

“but they saw you and Dan and you where…” he rambles. “I know what we were doing.” I cut him off laughing.

“before we talk to the internet about this, first scroll tumblr to see how bad it is and then see how to deal with it.” I hear Dan say.

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