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Hey, I'm Riley Smith and I'm bullied by MAGCON. I have hazel eyes, and dirty blonde hair that falls to the middle of my back. I have an older brother Conner Smith. He hates me. He bullies me to. I don't even feel safe in my own home! And when the beatings are too bad for my mom to see, I stay at my only friend, Lia's, house. Moving on, here's my story!

" Fuck! That's fucking cold! " I yelled as I shot up from my slumber. I saw the boys and Conner laughing. " Dickheads " I whispered to myself. 

" What was that you stupid little slut?! " Conner asked.

 " I said dickheads! " I shouted at him. I then covered my mouth saying, " I'm sorry please don't hurt me! ".

" Why would he hurt you? he's your brother?! " My mom asked coming in out of no where.

 " I don't know. It's nothing were just joking around! " I said laughing a little, smiling the best fake smile I could pull off.

 " Mm okay sweetie. " She said leaving. I sighed, and then the beating started but luckily it wasn't bad because my mom was home. They all punched me, slapped me, and kicked me one time! That was like a vacation from the beatings for me! My usual beating is like half an hour long!

They left and I sat up looking at the bruises on my stomach from where every hit was taken, so my mother couldn't see. It was one huge bruise.. Well it bends in with all the cuts and scars there so..

I stood up feeling a familiar pain fill my stomach. I walked to the bathroom did my buisiness, showered and got out. I then went to my closet naked and grabbed; black leggings, Younow baggy sweater, and hot pink vans.

I got dressed after putting on my undergarments and then walked out. I walked over to my vanity set and sat down. I put my hair in a messy bun after drying and brushing it. Then onto my makeup! I put on; mascara, eyeliner, mint baby lips, foundation, some eye shadow, bronzer, and blush.

After I was done I got up and went down stairs with my phone and wallet. I saw the boys on the couch laughing about something. I walked past them to get into the kitchen like a boss. They didn't say anything to me probably because I would usually be scared to death walking by them. As I entered the kitchen I saw my mom. " Hey mom! " I said grabbing an apple. 

" Hey honey! " She said happily.

" Honey, by the way, I am going on a year business trip, so you and Conner will be staying here together, and I'm giving you each 100,000 dollars. " My mother said looking at me.

" I'm gonna miss you so much, mom! " I said crying hugging her.

" Honey, I'll miss you too, but it's a one in a life time chance! " She said hugging me. I let go thanking god I put waterproof makeup on today!

" And I'm leaving now, so goodbye Riley, I love you a lot. " She said hugging me for a second. She left to say bye to Conner and I tagged along.

" Conner, take of your sister, I love you! " Mom said hugging him, he hugged her back for a couple second and then released.

I hugged her, again. " Mom, I really don't want you to leave! " I said, crying again.

" Riley Smith, don't cry, you're a beautiful young lady, you'll be fine, I promise you. There is no doubt in my mind that you won't make it. " My mom said.

I kissed her cheek and said goodbye.

" Bye boys, Riley and Conner " My mom said leaving the door.

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