Chapter 2

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"Hey Kendall! You wanna go to the theme park with me and a few friends since your already settled in?" Trey screamed from down stairs. "Yeah give me 10 minutes." I screamed back down. I ran into my bathroom and went though my hair with a straight iron. ( Outfit Above ) I walked down the steps. "You ready?" I asked Trey. "Yass!" He screamed running out of the house.
"We have to pick up some people first." Trey said. "Okay." I said.

10 minutes later

"Wow this house is beautiful." I said amazed. "Glad you like it because we stay here all summer." Trey said with a smirk on his face. " Nash, Cameron, Hayes, Carter, Matt, Aimry, Bella, You, and Me . " After he said that I just jumped out of the car and ran into the house not even minding to knock. It was even more beautiful inside. I was about to run upstairs to look at all of the rooms but saw the kitchen. Of course I had to check for food. The fridge was open. I went to close it when I saw a girl kissing a boy. I know who Whats his name?Cam. "Oh I'm sorry." the girl that looked stuck up and snobby said with a smirk on her face she added "I'm Bella. You must be Kendall. Cam talked about you alot." Cam talked about me? "Yeah nice to meet you. " I flashed a smile to her but immediately made eye contact with Cam. " You guys coming to the theme park." I asked more directly to Cam but of course Bella answered. "Cam you didn't tell me about this." "Im sorry Umm yeah I'm coming Kendall." Cam said nervously. Okay weird. "Well I'll see you guys later." I said giving Cam a hug. It was really awkward. I reached in to give Bella a hug but she had a coke in her hand and "accidentally" spilt it all over me. Accidentally my ass. "I'm sorry." She smirked. "Its fi.." She interrupted "I was talking to Cam I got some on his shirt ." "Bitch. I don't know who..." I began but Trey walked in. "Kendall were meeting everybody else there but Cam and Bella. Lets go" I wanted to smack her so bad. I'll give you a shirt follow me." Cam said he seemed embarrassed that Bella was such a bitch. We went up the stairs Im guessing in his room for the summer. He reached in his suitcase and got a black shirt that said "You gotta bæ? Or nah? " He threw it at me and took off his shirt Holly abs 😍 " Can I have some scissors?" I asked trying not to stare down at his abs. He handed them to me. I simply just made his shirt into a crop top. Im extremely small most 17 year olds weight 130-160 pounds and I weigh 100 pounds and I'm extremely short. So it was really big on me. I just took off my top and changed right in front of him. He wanted to tease me so why not. He was staring me down he was probably shocked I did that. "That uhh fits you really good." he stuttered. "No I didn't mean it like that I just mean like good idea with the Crop top because you look hot." he started blabbing. "Thanks I guess." I said laughing. We just headed down the stairs.

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