Chapter 2

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        The shadowy figure stepped into the house with a sharp blade in his strong hand. He was about five, eleven with huge muscles.

        "Peter take your mother and go upstairs!" yelled father.

        "Ok father be careful please," Peter begged.

        "I promise. Now go and don't forget to lock the door," his father cried.

        Peter took his mother by the arm and they stumbled up the stairs. His mother would fall a couple times from the dizziness of loosing so much blood.

        They went into Peters room and shut the door. By that time his mother had passed out from losing blood. The echos of grunts and screams stopped. He sat in silence with his mother for a few seconds, until the old wood of the stairs squeeked. Someone was coming up. Peter didn't wanna take any chances he grabbed a gun out of his drawer, and aimed it at his door.

        The feel of the cool metal in his sweaty hands eased him. He was ready to kill. The door knob slowly turned.

        "Bang." The bullet cut through the door with a tremendous amount of speed and force. The sound of a body dropped on the other side. A rush of joy ran along Peter's face.

        Peter slowly reached for the door knob, and twisted it open. He fell to the ground in shock. Peter's bullet did not go through the shadowy figure, but his own father lay on the ground. Dead.

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