Chapter seven: cars

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"What?" John asked confused. "Shopping for what?"

He and Dave had taken their breakfast plates and put them by a dishwasher.

"Well John," dave spoke "in case you haven't noticed, your clothes are covered in dirt and blood." Which was true. John hadn't noticed.

He quickly looked down at his shirt, which used to be white, was now a dirty cream colour. There were a few blood splatters here and there from where the two striders had beaten him and Jake up.

"We need to get you fresh clothes." Dave said as he dragged John down the halls. Again. "The cars are this way."
He pulled John down a flight of steps and through a doorway that led to a cold dark room. Dave flipped on the lights to show a musty garage filled with cars of every make and model.

"Holy dear god almighty." John breathed. "That's. That's a lot of cars."

"Yep." Dave spoke. "I believe there is one or two for everyone that lives here."

"Well.. How many people live here?" John asked.

"Oh. Well. More than I can count." Dave chuckled. John stood confused about what was so funny.

They walked over to a bright red sports car. Dave jumped into the drivers seat as John sat in the passenger seat.
Dave slammed the key into the car and sped off out of the garage.

After a few moments silence John began to pester Dave with question.

"So." He began. "I don't know much about demons, but aren't you supposed to be heartless jerks with a thirst for pain?"

Dave sat ridged in his seat. "Yes." He mumbled. "We are. And most of us are heartless bitches. But. There are few of us who still have a bit of humanity left in us. Now I know it might sound cliche, but some of us still do care for humans. A bit. I mean we're not going to go around trying to save every pesky little human who falls into trouble, but we do have a bit of our heart left."

John sat surprised in his seat. "Why Are there others of you out there that want to hurt us?"

Dave began to crack up. "Well you guys aren't perfect. In fact most of you humans are worse than us demons. So much lust, greed, envy and pride. Ha! Didn't you know your friend Jake was a hunter?!? They are out to kill anything that moves in the night! We just want to survive." Dave growled. "And you DAMN HUNTERS WANT TO KILL EVERYONE OF US."

"D-Dave?" John squeaked. "What happened?"

Dave sighed. "It's nothing. Sorry I yelled."

John laid back into his seat and looked around.

The entire rest of the ride was awkwardly silent.

When they arrived at the mall dave sped around the parking lot in search for the perfect parking spot. He ended up doing a few doughnuts, just barely missing some cars. John screamed and covered his eyes. The spinning motion had caused him to be a bit nauseous.

Dave laughed and parked into the nearest spot. "Ready!?" He grinned.

John gulped and cowered in his seat. Honestly, he was not ready. But before he could protest, Dave picked him up and spirited into the mall.


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