05-Uncle Thor

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Fifteen year old Nica Robbie was lying on her bed still wide awake at this hour as she looks at her bedside drawer to check the time.

'It's already midnight.' She says while glancing at her alarm clock.

She knows firsthand that she should be sleeping now if she wants to catch the early morning bus going to school, but for some reason her brain had kept her awake as a strange weary feeling looms inside her conscious mind.

She gets up from her soft bed and peeks out to her window, glancing at the empty street outside her parent's house.

Looking left once then right, she spots a car turning towards their street from afar as a feeling of excitement courses through her veins.

Her eyes widened as the car approaches the vicinity of her house, trailing its movements as the bright set of headlights passed by her bedroom window. But to her dismay the car she got exited for just trudges on as it fades from her line of sight, disappearing behind the row of houses in their block.

Disappointed, she slumped back to her bed, faced down, covering the back of her head with a pillow hoping to get herself to fall asleep by shutting out all her senses and calming herself down.

She tried breathing slowly to ease her moods after reading an article on the internet that described a breathing technique to make you seamlessly fall asleep, concentrating on your breathing patterns to slow your heart rate down and gently put your body into a sleepy phase that would ultimately get you dozed off without you even noticing.

Only after a few seconds of trying, she gave up on her technique justifying to herself that with her current state there could be possibly no way that she could get herself calm enough to sleep properly with her mind and heart rate racing like her chest is about to burst with all the pressure building up inside her.

Poor Nica was expecting Denzo to return home hours ago after the police officer had dropped her off in front of her house saying he'll be acquiring his services for the time being thinking to herself the horrors of what those services meant, not knowing whether or not the "police" that arrested them was either legit or fake.

She quickly sits up on her bed frantically putting her head in between her knees. 'I should've asked for an ID...stupid Nica... stupid, stupid...' She told herself.

Every day for the past 3 years she had been curious about the new boy who lived across the street. Ever since she saw a "for sale" sign outside the house of their old neighbors, she was curious as to who will be taking over the spot after they'd left.

She never knew the Buendia's, their old neighbor's, that well so seeing them leave didn't felt like a big deal for her, adding the fact that the family's only child was only five years old meaning she couldn't relate much to him except for feeling annoyed every time the five year old acts like... a five year old towards her.

Which leaves her filled with hope when one day right after school she spots the old "for sale" sign outside the house across them to have been taped over with a huge "SOLD" across its length signaling her that there would be new faces popping up in their neighborhood.

Nothing had stirred her excitement more than the prospect of meeting new people, especially if this might mean Nica can finally have someone within their community to call her friend since unfortunately most of the kids around their block was populated by families who were either newly married and deciding to settle down in the suburbs or Families who were looking for a nice quiet place to retire, so in an essence of things, the kids were either too young or too old for her to be relatable and it was hard for a girl like her.

Like most of the other new families who move in here, Nica's parents had bought the property right after Nica was born, and they had been living on the same real estate ever since. But since the sub-urban community that they live in is actually quite a distance from the main city of Neo- Manila, most of the kids in her school, or rather all, don't live in her area making her the odd one out during recess and lunch breaks because she couldn't connect with the other girls in school.

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