chapter 2

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The next morning when I woke up I slowly opened my sleepy eyes and sat up. I was still laying on the couch where I last was when I fell asleep last night. I looked around and saw everyone still asleep and I wondered what time it was. I groped around the table for my phone until I felt it under my fingers and I lifted it to my face. I hit the button on the top and the screen blinked on. Over the picture of me and Riley smiling in our bathing suits at the beach was the time which read: 7:26 A.M. I groaned and slammed my phone back onto the table. I saw Brayden respond to the sound and rub his eyes before sitting up. “Oh sorry Brayden go back to sleep.” I whispered getting up and sitting down next to him rubbing his arm hoping he would just go back to bed. He smiled a sleepy smile before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me down with him back on the couch. I gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggling into his chest. His head rested on top of mine and I could feel myself drifting back to sleep. When I woke up again I was still laying with Brayden and my head was still rested on his chest. I sat up and looked around. The sun was finally in the sky and I looked down at Brayden lying next to me. I smiled and brushed my fingertips across his face. His lips spread into a smile and I realized he was awake. I slapped his arm and laughed. “You were awaking the entire time?” I asked furiously. He finally opened his eyes and sat up and stared at me. “Dylan I never fell back asleep you were crushing me.” He laughed. The smile disappeared from my face and I gaped at him. “Oh my gosh Brayden I am so sorry you should have told me I would have moved.” I said grabbing him into a hug. He hugged me back, “I couldn’t wake you up you looked so peaceful when you were asleep also if I woke you up you would probably leave and I love laying with you.” He smiled and rubbed circles on my back. I pulled back and pushed him down so he was laying down again. “Go to sleep you need rest and I will stay here with you and this time I won’t crush you.” I laid down next to him but stayed near the edge of the couch. He rolled his eyes and pulled me closer to him. “Dylan I don’t think you not crushing me is a possibility.” He smiled and rolled me over him so I was sandwiched between him and the couch. He laughed and brushed the hair in my face behind my ear. “Now I will crush you.” He squished as close to me as he possibly could and wrapped his arms around my torso so I couldn’t move. I laughed and fell asleep again. This time when I woke up Riley was giggling over me and had her hand over us. I heard the clicking of the picture being taken and she ran away. I rolled my eyes and Riley came back slowly. “Dylan is it safe for me to come back over now?” She asked as she took another step closer. “Yes don’t worry I can’t even move because Brayden is holding me as tight as he possibly could.” I said looking over at Brayden who was dead asleep. His shaggy brown hair was covering his eyes and I wiggled one of my arms out of his grip so I could brush it behind his ear. I heard another click and saw Riley looking at her phone. “Riley stop taking pictures of us.” I said quietly so I wouldn’t wake Brayden up. “What I just want some pictures so I can show them at your guys wedding in a couple years.” She smirked and put her attention back to her phone. “Did I hear something about my wedding?” Brayden’s eyes fluttered open and his grip released. I admit I was kind of upset when he let me go. “Ya I was taking pictures of you guys sleeping together to show at your wedding.” Riley said shoving her phone in our face. I looked at the picture and smiled. I was still asleep and my brown hair was sprawled behind me. I had my head on Brayden’s chest and he had his head rested on top of mine. Brayden’s hand were clasped behind my back and mine were a jumbled heap in front of me. We looked so peaceful and I wish I could have gone back to that moment. “I don’t think my mom would be very happy to know that I slept with Dylan before we were married.” Brayden smiled and nudged me. I frowned and slapped him. “That’s not funny Brayden.” I sat up and tried to get up but Brayden’s hand tighten around my arm and he sat up and pulled me into a hug. “Calm down Dylan I was just kidding you know I am not like that.” He let me go and I still had a frown on my face. “We are not getting married.” I states before jumping off the couch before he could grab me again. He sighed, “I know I am going to marry a model.” He stated getting up and standing beside Riley. “Oh guys stop denying it you guys are bound to get married.” She said before shoving her phone in her pocket and walking into the kitchen. I looked over at Brayden who was standing there like a statue and I rolled my eyes grabbing my phone and following Riley into the kitchen. When I entered the room I could smell bacon and eggs and my mouth watered. I looked at the stove and was surprised to see Jordan standing there with a spatula in his hand and a plate of eggs in the other. “Here you guys I made breakfast.” He set the spatula down and turned off the stove before walking over to the island in the middle of the room and setting the plate of eggs down next to a plate of bacon and another plate with buttered toast on it. I grabbed a plate and started to fill it. I sat down at the table and Brayden walked in looking around. “Who made breakfast?” He asked grabbing a plate. Both Riley and I pointed to Jordan and Brayden nodded his head before sitting down next to Riley with his own plate filled with food. Soon we were all seated at the circular table facing the window and stuffing our mouths. “So what are we gonna do today?” Brayden asked his mouth filled with bacon. “Oh I was thinking we could go homecoming dress shopping.” Riley exclaimed. We all whined. “Oh come on Dylan and I have to get a dress even though she doesn’t want to and we could use your guy’s opinion.” She said setting her fork down across her empty plate. “Fine Riley we will go.” I said pushing my plate away from me and letting out a sigh. “Actually I can’t I just remembered I have to go to a study session with this girl from school sorry.” Brayden said standing up from the table and dropping his plate in the sink. “I should probably get going now Dylan kind of made me over sleep and I don’t want to be late. I will see you guys later.” With that he left the kitchen and a couple minutes later I heard his car drive out of the driveway. “Man what is with him?” I asked getting up and putting my plate next to Brayden’s in the sink. Riley and Jordan just shrugged and put their dishes in the sink to. “So guys just get dressed and we will at meet out at the car in like 15 minutes?” Riley asked taking the last piece of bacon and eating it. We nodded and headed out of the room. When I got to my room I changed out of my outfit from yesterday that I guess I fell asleep in and I changed into shorts and a white t-shirt that had a logo from Disney on it. After I brushed my teeth and hair and finished getting ready I headed downstairs and saw Jordan going into the garage. I raced to catch up with him and we both got into my car and drove it out of the garage onto the driveway. I put it in park and we sat there silently. “So are you and Brayden like dating now?” I heard Jordan chirp quietly from the backseat. I turned around to face him and put a disgusted look on my face. “Absolutely not.” I said. “Oh why don’t you like him?” He asked and I put on a confused look. “Didn’t you see how he acted at breakfast not a chance I would let him ruin my life by breaking my heart.” I stated looking at my brown haired best friend that reminded me a little of Wren and Brayden mixed together. I looked into his beautiful brown eyes and felt a flicker in my heart. What was wrong with me? “Well you deserve someone who wouldn’t do that to you.” He said sweetly and I just couldn’t resist any longer. I jumped into the backseat and landed on top of him throwing my lips on his. I felt a rush of excitement and he gave in and kissed me back and wrapped his arms around my head. My hands went in his hair and I couldn’t get enough. He pulled back about an inch and tried to catch his breath. “Don’t stop.” I huffed pushing myself back onto him. He nodded and kissed me again. All of a sudden I heard the passenger door open and a shocked looking Riley peered in. I jumped back and climbed back into my seat. “Gosh you just can’t keep your hands off of anyone today.” She stated before climbing in and buckling her seatbelt. I snapped my seatbelt into place to and fixed my hair before putting the car in reverse. Nobody talked the entire ride to the mall and I didn’t dare break the silence just in case Riley started to yell at me. When I parked the car in the mall parking lot Riley grabbed my arm before I could open the door. “Hold on one second I want to talk to you two.” She said and she unbuckled so she could turn around in her seat and look at Jordan. Her gaze passed between both Jordan and I and I could feel my face burn a scarlet red. “Before we go anywhere we have to sort this out because I don’t want anything awkward to happen.” She said finally setting her gaze on Jordan. “One of you please explain to me what happened before I got in this car.” She said resting her back against the dashboard. I sighed and sat forward. “It was my fault I was upset that Brayden hated the way he acted and Jordan asked if I liked him which I don’t and things happened and I don’t know I kissed him.” I said looking over at Jordan. “So the kiss meant nothing?” Riley asked looking over at Jordan and not even making eye contact with me. He nodded his head and my heart sank. “Ya it meant nothing right Dylan?” They both looked over at me and I felt like I was going to cry. How could the kiss mean nothing to him? I put on a fake smile and nodded my head in agreement. “Ok well at least that is settled lets go.” Riley said opening her door and hopping out. I opened my own door and followed her. When we were all out of the car I clicked the button on the car remote and the car beeped telling me it was locked. Riley and Jordan walked ahead of me and I stayed behind them. I couldn’t keep my mind off of what had happened. I finally noticed that I liked Jordan but he didn’t like me back. He said the kiss meant nothing to him but I knew that it meant everything to me. I felt shattered and wanted to cry but had to keep myself from thinking about it. This was going to be the hardest thing I would ever have to do. When we got into the mall a rush of air hit my face and I noticed how hot it was outside. “So what store do you want to go into first?” Riley asked twirling around so she could see me. I shrugged my shoulders and she sighed. “Man I knew this was going to be hard.” She said grabbing my hand and dragging me into a store that had manikin’s dresses in tight shirts and cutoff jeans in the window. I groaned inwardly and let her lead to the rack in the middle of the store with a bunch of dresses on it. She pulled a couple and threw them in my arms. “Here go try these on.” She said pushing me in the direction of the changing rooms. “Jordan go with her and make sure she actually tries them on.” She said pushing Jordan after me as she returned her gaze to the rack of clothes. I sighed and Jordan grabbed my arm leading me to the back of the store. I felt a fire blaze on my skin where he touched me. He pushed me into one of the open dressing rooms and I locked it behind me. “How will I know that you tried it on?” He asked from the other side of the door. “I will come out I promise.” I said as I took off my shirt and shorts and slipping on the first dress. I looked in the mirror and grimaced. The dress was all black and super tight up top. On the bottom it got frilly and puffed out. This dress was definitely not what I wanted to wear and I couldn’t breathe. I opened the door and walked out with a frown on my face. Jordan just shook his head. “No that’s so not you go change.” He said pushing me back in. I smiled before locking the door. He knew me so well. I slipped out of the dress and threw it into a corner. I pulled the second one over my head and looked into the mirror. This one had white lace at the top that went down to mid stomach and ended in a pouf of aqua silk. I liked it but part of the back was missing so I felt too exposed. I stepped out again but this time I only heard squealing. “OMG Dylan you look so gorgeous!” Riley screeched with a handful of dresses dangling from her arm. “She doesn’t like it.” Jordan said from behind her. She looked from Jordan to me and put on a frown. “Aw why not?” She asked. Jordan just chuckled and responded again. “She doesn’t like the back opening.” He stated and Riley shot him a look. “Can’t you let Dylan speak for herself?” She asked and looked back at me. “Actually that is exactly what I don’t like.” I said looking over at Jordan who was looking at Riley. “Oh so since you guys made out on the back of your car you guys just know each other so well?” She shot. “Calm down Riley I just know because I am such good friend with her.” Jordan stated dryly. Wow and another punch in the stomach. I turned around and went back into the dressing room slamming the door behind me. A tear escaped from my eyes and I wiped it away. I slipped off the dress and went on to the next one. This one was pink and had thick straps. It was lace on the top to mid stomach and loose silk on the rest just like the last one. The only difference was this one had huge flowers everywhere and it was pink which I hated. I stepped out again and I heard Jordan laugh. “Shut up I know I look stupid.” I said turning around to change but I felt his hands on my arms. Again fire shot where our skin touched and I felt a shiver go down my spine. “Dylan I was laughing because you looked so miserable in that dress.” He said turning me around so I looked at him. His six foot figure towered over my five foot four inch size. I had to put my head back so I could look at him. I couldn’t breathe because our bodies were so close. Riley’s changing room door opened and she looked over at us. Her hand was at her waist and she was wearing a tight red dress that was just above her knees. “I’m sorry am I interrupting something again?” She asked looking between us. Jordan’s hands dropped to his side and I put my back against the door to my changing room. “No I was just going to change.” I said smiling and sliding back into the safety of my changing room. I tried on the last dress and gasped. The dress was tight and silk at the top and it got loose mid stomach. It was strapless and had a sparkly belt in the middle. At the top it was a dark sky blue and gradually got lighter until it became white at the bottom. I loved it and knew this was the dress.  Stepped out and I heard two people gasp. Riley and Jordan were looking at me and they both had their mouths wide open. I smiled sheepishly and twirled around. “I think this is the one.” I said shyly looking at them. “Are you kidding Dylan this is definitely the dress.” She squealed wrapping me in a hug. I smiled and hugged her back. I pulled back and looked at Riley who had on a yellow dress that was tight at the top and puffed out at mid stomach. She smiled and twirled just like I had. “Do you like it?” She asked. I laughed and nodded my head. She frowned and looked down. “I don’t know I like it but I don’t think it is the one.” She said. I frowned too. “Aw well you will find one don’t worry.” I said reaching out and touching her shoulder. She smiled and walked back into her dressing room. “I know now go buy the dress.” She giggled before closing the door. I turned to Jordan and he still looked shocked. “So what do you think?” I asked twirling again. His eyes stayed on mine and a smile formed on his pink lips. “You look wonderful now go change so I can get a cinnamon bun from the food court.” He said pushing me into the dressing room. I smirked and locked the door before changing back into my clothes. After I paid for the dress I walked back to the dressing room where Riley was still trying on dresses. “Dylan can you go take this baby to get a cinnamon bun from the food court he won’t stop whining.” Riley groaned from inside her dressing room. I said yes and grabbed Jordan’s hand and led him out the door. When we were outside of the store we walked to the food court and I sat at one of the tables as Jordan ordered a cinnamon bun from cinnabon. When he sat down across from me I looked up and he handed me a set of a fork and knife. I opened it and waited for him to open the box. When he opened it I saw he bought the biggest one that was about the size of head. “You must really not want to go back shopping.” I said taking a bite of it. He laughed. “Actually I wanted to talk to you longer when it’s just us.” He said taking a huge piece and stuffing it in his mouth. “Oh is this about the kiss?” I asked setting my fork down. He nodded and put his fork down next to mine. “Look you said it meant nothing to you so it doesn’t matter.” I said looking down at my hands. Jordan reached out and grabbed my hands in his. “Dylan I just said that to my sister so we would have some time to figure it out ourselves.” My heart skipped a beat and I looked up at him. His eyes were shinning and I felt the urge to kiss him again. “Ok so what did the kiss really mean to you?” I asked worrying about what he would say. “It was amazing and exciting.” He said looking into my eyes. I blushed and reached my hand out to touch his cheek. As my hand skimmed his face his hand grabbed mine and brought it back down. “What did it mean to you?” He asked an intensity was in his voice. “It was everything I hoped it would be.” I smiled. He smiled along with me and he brought his hands to my face and cupped them over my cheeks. “I was hoping you would say that.” He said circling his thumb over my cheek bones. I smiled and he brought his face closer to mine. My breath hitched in my throat and I was kissing him again. We only kissed for a second before he pulled away and began eating again. I frowned and he handed me my own fork. I took it and began eating again. When we were all done he handed me a napkin and I wiped my hands and threw it in the trash as we walked by. As we walked Jordan slipped his hand into mine and we walked hand in hand. “So where does this leave us?” I asked when we were halfway to the store we left Riley in. “I don’t think it is the right time to tell Riley or anyone so we can either have a secret relationship or none at all.” He said looking at me. We stopped walking and we stood there in the middle of the mall gazing at each other. “I am going to be completely honest though Dylan I don’t think I could live now without being with you.” He said cupping his hand over my cheeks again. I looked down and then back into his chocolate eyes. “I feel the same thing.” I said grasping my hands his forearm. He smiled and opened his mouth, “Ok than Dylan will you please be my secret girlfriend?” I smiled and nodded. He wrapped me in a hug and we just stood there hugging in the middle of the mall but I didn’t care who saw. Finally he let me go and we walked the rest of the way to the store not touching each other. When we entered the store Riley was at the cash register paying for something. We walked over to her and she smiled when she saw us. “Hey guys.” She said as the lady behind the counter handed her a bag and change. She walked over to us and smiled. “You guys didn’t do anything while you were gone did you?” She asked looking back and forth from Jordan and I. We both shook our head and smiled back. “Ok good because remember Jordan, Dylan is still Brayden’s soon to be wife.” She said walking in front of us and walking out of the store. Jordan and I shared a glance and followed Riley out of the store. “So you guys do you want to grab lunch?” Riley asked slowing her pace. “Sure I am kind of hungry I guess.” I said looking over at Riley who just grinned. “Ok well then let’s split up in the cafeteria and grab our food than meet back at that table.” She said pointing to a deserted table in the middle of the food court. We nodded our agreement and Riley dashed off to the chic fil a at the other end of the food court. When she was out of sight I felt Jordan’s hand tangle in mine. I looked down at our intertwined hands and felt a smile form on my lips. “What if she sees?” I asked looking up at him. He just shrugged his shoulders and started to walk. I followed him and we stopped in front of the McDonalds. I laughed and looked up at him. “How did you know?” I asked getting closer to him. He shrugged again and put his arm around my shoulder. I felt warm all over and we stepped forward to the cash register. After we ordered we walked back to the table we were supposed to meet. It was so hard to let go of his hand as we got closer to the table. When we sat down Riley was already eating. She got chicken strips and fries. Getting hungry I grabbed my own bag of food and pulled out a double cheese burger and a medium fry. I started to eat but her laughing come from across the table. I looked up and Riley was staring at me a smile playing on her lips. “Dylan you are so predictable.” She said looking down at my food. I smiled and went back to eating. When we were all done eating Riley wanted to go shopping some more but told us to wait here for her. As Riley left the table Jordan moved his chair next to mine and I watched as Riley’s figure turned into a speck in the distance and she got lost in the crowd of people. Jordan wrapped me in a hug and I hugged him back. When he pulled away I leaned into his chest and we sat there. “I hate having to sneak around and lie to Riley.” I said sitting up and turning to look at him. He frowned and reached for my hand. “I know me too.” He said playing with my fingers. “So what do we do?” I asked looking down at our hands. He stopped playing with my fingers and instead lifted my chin so I would look at him. “Dylan I don’t want to hurt you or Riley so whatever you think we should do I will agree with.” He said tracing his finger over my cheek bones. I placed my hand over his on my face and sighed. “You heard her she wants me to be with Brayden and I don’t think she will be too happy about me being with anyone else especially not her brother.” I said looking into his beautiful eyes. He just nodded and dropped his hand from my face. “So I guess we are just friends again?” He asked looking at me again. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Can it wait a couple minutes?” I asked closing my eyes as I felt tears prick at my eyes. He gave a muffled agreement and wrapped his arms around my waste and nuzzled his head in my neck. We just sat there hugging each other until his arms loosened their grip on me. I pulled away a little so I could look at him but kept my arms around him. I looked in his eyes and moved closer so our lips brushed. I gave him a quick kiss before pulling apart and dropping my arms. We looked away from each other and stayed silent. Time seemed to go by really long and finally Riley sauntered back to our table and sat in her seat. She looked at us and smiled before dropping her many bags on the floor. “You guys will never believe what I found.” She exclaimed leaning over and grabbing a hollister bag with one of the shirtless guy models on the front. “Let me guess clothes?” I asked sarcastically. Riley rolled her eyes at me and pulled out a light blue romper with tiny white flowers everywhere. She held it up over her chest and a squeal escaped her lips. “Isnt it just gorgeous?” I just nodded and looked over at her. The smile faded from her lips and she gave me an upset look. “Dylan I know you don’t like shopping but you can at least pretend to be excited.” She groaned dropping the blue cloth and stuffing it back into the bag sitting on the floor. “Sorry Ri I am just not in a good mood and I am kind of just in the mood to go home.” I said standing up and pushing my chair back in. “Do you guys want a ride home?” I asked looking up at my friends. “No I will just call someone to pick us up because I am sure Riley wants to keep shopping.” Jordan said from next to me. I nodded my head without looking over at him and turned around to start walking to the entrance. “Hey Dylan?” I heard Riley squeak from behind me. I spun around and looked at my friend still sitting in her chair. I nodded. “You are going to the football game on Friday right?” Riley asked, her voice was very quiet. I gave one last nod and walked to the doors of the mall. When I got home I threw my keys on the counter with my purse and dashed up to my room. When I opened my door I was surprised to see Brayden sprawled across my bed. I was so surprised a shreak escaped my lips. He didn’t notice I had come in until he heard my shreek and leaped off my bed and onto his feet. “Oh sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I just came here to uh to wait for you.” He said slowly walking towards me. “No its ok I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be in here.” I said walking over to my bed and plopping down on the soft comforter. Brayden sat down next to me and I laid my head down on his shoulder. I really needed someone to lay on right now and Brayden was the perfect person. I felt a tear run down my cheeks and I quickly wiped it away. Brayden caught my act and looked down at me. He reached down and moved my chin up so I would look up at him. He swept his fingertips across my cheeks to wipe away another tear rolling down my face. “Dylan whats wrong?” He asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder with one arm and rubbed my cheek with the other. “Did something happen at the mall?” I just crumpled into his embrace and laid my head on his chest so I could hear his heart beating in my ears. “Dylan please talk to me.” I could hear his voice vibrate in my head. “I cant talk about it.” I said snuggling closer to his chest. “Come on Dylan you know you can trust me.” He said letting go of me and pushing me away. I looked down at my hands that I placed in my lap and another tear landed on the back of my tanned hand. “I don’t want to talk about it can we just drop it?” I growled hopping off of my bed and going to sit at my desk in the corner of the room. “Fine Dylan you win just come back over here.” Brayden called from my bed. I looked up at him and he had his arms opened wide waiting for my body to fit in his grasp. I got up once more and lept into his arms hugging him with full force. He let me go and I just held on tighter. “Dylan you are going to have to let me go.” He chuckled. I shook my head violently. “Cant we just lay in bed for the rest of the day and cuddle?” I asked. I heard Brayden chuckle again in his deep voice. “Fine but you have to let me go first so we can pull the covers off.” He said. I instantly let go of him and ripped the sheets down from my bed and put my legs under snuggling deep into the soft cotton. Brayden tore off his shoes and jacket and threw them on the floor next to my bed and crawled in next to me. I grabbed the remote from my bedside table and turned on my flat screen tv that was mounted on the wall in front of my bed. I flipped through the channels until I stopped on Friends. I turned the volume up and dropped the remote next to me and grabbed hold of Braydens waist. He slid down farther in the covers and wrapped his arm around my shoulder which created a cradle for my head. I kept my arms around his torso and rested my head on his chest. I didn’t even pay attention to the TV show instead I listened to his heartbeat and fell asleep to the sound ringing in my ears. I felt someone shake me awake and I slowly opened my eyes to see Brayden looking down at me. My arms were still a tangled mess around his waist and my head was bent backwards in a very uncomfortable position. I let go and sat up straight rubbing at my eyes. “What time is it?” I asked in a hoarse voice. “Its only 3:00P.M. don’t worry I would never let you sleep too late.” He said sitting up and cracking his back. I yawned and stretched my arms over my head. “Did you sleep any?” I asked laying back down on his chest. “No I just sat here and let you sleep on me for three hours.” He said placing a hand on my back and rubbed circles around my back. “Aww now I feel bad for making you sit here.” I said another yawn escaping my mouth. “Dylan don’t worry about it I enjoy being your pillow.” He said wrapping his other arm around my other shoulder and capturing me in a cage. “I still feel bad.” I said tightening my grip on him and he did the same. “Oh I forgot to ask how your study date was.” I said as my eye lids began to droop again. I could hear him let out a puff of air before he answered, “She really needed help and I don’t think I can even help her that much.” He said. A giggle escaped my lips but was so faint. My body was pulling me back into my dreams and a warily let myself fall back into a deep sleep.

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