Picture: Blane Anderson / Song: Be Still My Heart by Peter Bradley Adams

Silent September


The sound of thunder echoed through the almost empty street as the dark clouds began to cover the just minutes ago bright blue sky. I sighed, pulling the hem of my jacket up to cover my neck and looked at the bus line-up schedule again.

12:25, it read.

But looking at my phone, I saw the bus was already five minutes late. I put my earphones in and closed my eyes as the suiting sound of melodies filled my ears. I fixed my eyes on the concrete seeing little drops of rain starting to form small dark gray circles on it, almost in the rhythm of the song I was listening to. But moments later, the little circles became bigger and bigger until eventually the rain was pouring from the dark clouds above me. Groaning, I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head and held my old tattered bag above it, hoping to get less rain fall on my head. No surprise, it wasn't working too well. Just as I thought I better run for shelter in the nearest Coffee shop, I saw a boy walking down the sidewalk with small booklets in one of his hands and a black umbrella in the other. He was being followed closely by my bus and I breathed out a sigh of relief.

The bus found its way to the bus stop, and closely behind him, so did the boy. He flashed me a charming smile, holding the umbrella over my head as we waited for the driver to open up the bus' door. Looking at him up close, he had a pair of the darkest brown eyes I've seen in a long time. The black coat wrapped around him and a gray scarf to match his gray Vans shoes was hugging his neck. He had his honey brown hair thrown over to the side, making the small specks of amber-gold in his eyes stand out. I looked up at the umbrella over my head and returned the smile.

"Thank you." I said. He kept the smile playing on his lips as he responded with a small nod. The bus driver finally opened the door and the charming stranger put out his arm as a gesture of letting me go first. I smiled again giving him a little 'thank you' nod and got on the bus.

Pulling the hoodie off of my head, I greeted the bus driver who responded grumpily.

"Location?" he asked, looking up at me.

"The Maine street, please." I answered, searching my pockets for my wallet while he typed in my location. Where was my damn wallet?

"2.50." He started looking up at me, popping his gum. I gave him a slight smile and let out an awkward chuckle as I went through my bag. I moved my notebook, water and papers out the way, but my wallet was nowhere to be found.

"Is there a problem, ma'am?" he grunted and I shook my head.

"No, no..." I dug into my pocket to find some loose change, but out of all days, today had to be the day when I actually put the change back in my wallet.

"I-... I must of gotten pickpocketed while walking down the street." I mumbled more to myself than him, going through my bag again, just in case.

"Ma'am..." he groaned eyeing me. I puffed my cheeks and was about to turn around to leave the bus when I felt a hand touch my back. I looked up to see an arm stretch out by my side holding a 10 £ note.

"For her?" the driver asked and the boy nodded.

"Oh, no, no! I can't..." the boy smiled at me and shook his head, handing the money over to the driver who nodded and picked up the wallet, giving the boy back his change before asking "The usual for you?" he nodded at him an paid for his ticket while I walked down the bus looking for a seat. I sat down somewhere near the back door of the Bus and scooted over so I was sitting by the window. I looked up to see the boy put the change in his wallet before tapping the driver's shoulder and walking down the bus between the seats. He saw me looking at him and raised his eyebrows grinning at me which made me look at the window. I cleared my throat, drawing a small shape on the fogged glass and saw him sit down on the seat across from mine in the corner of my eye and watched him as he threw his black Vans bag on the seat by the window.

"Thank you." I said and looked over at him, "for the ticket." he was already looking at me and just smiled and gave me a little nod before pulling out a few small booklets and looked through them. I looked at the covers and they all had musical symbols on them.

"Are you a musician?" I blurted. He didn't seem to hear me so I waved my hand a bit making him look at me. "Are you a musician?" I repeated and saw his eyes shift to my lips. He smiled wide and shrugged.

"No?" I asked with a smile playing on my lips. He glanced at my lips again when I spoke then shrugged once more, smirking, before taking another look through the booklets.

A few minutes passed and he didn't seem to plan on asking me anything anytime soon, so I decided to be bold and ask him if he'd like to grab a coffee sometime, in a way for me to say thank you. I looked up as the bus stopped at another station, only to see he wasn't there anymore. I spun around in my seat and saw him walking down off the bus, giving me one last smile before throwing his bag over his shoulder and opening his umbrella.

The bus started driving again and I looked back out the window only to see him disappear in one of the crowded London streets.

"Damn it..." I sighed, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear. I looked over to where he was sitting and saw he left one of his booklets open on the seat. I looked in the front to see if the driver was looking back in the review mirror, not wanting to get shouted at, and when I saw he wasn't, I leaned over and grabbed the booklet quickly.

"Piano vol. 3" I mumbled, running my fingers over the cover. I opened it and raised my eyebrows when I saw something scribbled on the page.

The weather always seems to turn bad at the worst given moments. But this time, I don't mind that much. I smiled, pushing my hair behind my ear again, reading the rest.

P.S. I am a musician, yeah. Piano.

Blane x

The smile that was already playing on my lips got wider when I re-read the note and his name. "Blane..."

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