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 Why don't we back- track a little bit. Do you remember the new girl that Jax replaced me with? Well, honey, it's your turn!

Calm down, Blaine. I can just imagine the panicked look on your perfect face right now. Trust me, I won't say anything that's untruthful or too vulgar. And I definitely don't wanna spend my limited time that I have here on this Earth trying to break you and Jax up.I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. We were at the annual sex-ed assembly, remember? For some reason, student council made it a rule that everyone in the school is forced to attend this stupid assembly. Anyway Mr. Maddox was going on and on about condoms and he was even throwing them at us when a picture of my uncensored ass appeared on the screen.

Of course everyone knew who it was. And somehow every single one of you managed to make me out in my small little corner of the huge auditiorium. Mr. Maddox glared at me, guys started catcalls, girls called me a whore and you, Blaine, you stood on the stage and led the chant. Then the slideshow started. First, my ass. Then, my boobs. Then, my complete front. Finally, my drugged state at the party. The stupid attack on me lasted for almost twenty minutes and until our beloved principle managed to get the meeting under control.

By that time they managed to break me. The chants, the pictures, my life. Everything just came crashing down on me at that time and Blaine, congratulations, you made me cry.

After Jax, Charlie, and Miguel I never once shed a tear because that would mean that you won. But Blaine, honey, you got me good. You may be the one that single handedly put the idea of suicide into my head. Hey, I'm not giving you full credit but I'll give you a major portion of it.

I remember running out of that auditorium as soon as the ROTC guys opened up the doors. I ran to my car, figuring that I could be alone there, but you got me there too Blaine. You and your goons, because I know you don't like to get your hands dirty, covered my car in shit.

How long did it take you guys to do that, Blaine? I'm extrememly curious. It's okay, I get it, you don't prank and tell. Can I tell you something, Blaine, between you and I? Maybe it'll help us get a little even, everyone else close your ears!

I know that you thought that I screwed your boyfriend, but I promise you that while you were organizing that little charade, Mr. West was in the bathroom screwing Mr. Yearbook himself." She claps her hands together and rubs then together, "yes! When you're the black sheep at school, no one pays attention to you, making it a lot easier to pay attention to everyone else. Especially those who are trying so hard not to be noticed.

See, I was leaving school and I'd taken to parking in the back of the school. Low and behold, Jax West pressing Miguel rather aggressively against the dumpster. . .with his lips! Oh, Blaine, how amazing it would be to see your reaction right now. Actually, I'm pretty pissed that I won't be able to see it.

But I am sure that you're blowing your fucking lid right now.

Anyway, thank you Blaine.


From the bottom pits of hell, I thank you for placing the idea of suicide into my head.

Because I know no one else who could snake themselves into my psyche the way you did."

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