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Thursday 19 Feb, 17:46

Unknown: Hi there!

Me: Hi!

Unknown: How are you?

Me: I'm fine, thanks for asking. And you?

Unknown: I'm fine

Me: Honestly, nobody ever asked me how I feel

Unknown: What? You are the 'popular' girl in school. Everybody is nice to you! (I know the feeling though)

Me: Is that what everybody else thinks? Because it's not true (really?)

Unknown: I didn't know.... (Yeah... I do have friends but I'm always the one who makes sure that everybody is happy and the one who is always asking if someone is okay, but nobody ever asks me how I am doing)

Me: ... (Wow!)

Unknown: ... (What?)

Me: ... (This is weird... We have more in common than I thought)

Unknown: ... (I know, right!)

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