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Nico's POV

I slammed our apartment door, furiously. My head was racing with a ring of rage. Hazel, who was sitting on the couch reading, jerked up.

"Hey Nico, did yo- what's the matter?" Her eyebrows scrunched up in worry.

"Some jerk spilled coffeee all over me, then hit me with a dictionary," I cursed, my voice raised, and my chest still burned with coffee. My sister frowned, except you could tell she was trying not to laugh.

Because..it was funny. Not then, and not even now, but some wacky girl hits you with a useless book and spills some caffinated drink on you is kinda hilarious.

"Who?Why?" she asked. I had already began taking off my coffee covered shirt, and heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

"Dunno, some stupid girl," I muttered, too preoccupied checking over my ACDC shirt..

"Mortals do-," she began. But I shook my head, turning toward her.

"She was a demigod, really strong aurora, like big three plus several other things." I hated to say I actually sounded jealous, and very curious for my own selfishness. "I'm going to take a shower" I started, shutting the bathroom door.

She was a demigod, yet I've never seen her before, or her aurora, it's like the Oracle's aurora times a million plus big three.

I examined my bruises, wow she was really strong. I wasn't actually that hurt, I mean I've gotten wiped my a fiery, poisoned whip. A dictionary was just plain insulting. Her insults however were weak, as if she doesn't spend much time in the mortal world. Percy,Leo, and I probably know the most because we spend a lot of time in the mortal world and have been to school.

I needed to figure her out, report her to Chiron. Yet what can he do? We don't know where she lives, I should have followed her.

When I was done with my shower I put on another shirt and new jeans. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some chips from the fridge. I ate a bit before collapsing on the couch beside Hazel.

We were having a day together because the others are busy. I told her I'd get her coffee, but I didn't because I was kicked out by a dictionary.

I was about to say something when Hazel spoke, "Yeah, sure, see ya Frank." she said. I now noticed she was on the phone, with a flattered grin.

"What did Frank have to say?" I asked.

"Oh, we're going to dinner tonight as like a quad date." she said. I sighed, they have all been going out as couples, I am allowed to go but I am always the eight wheel, forever a loner. #foreveralone

"Cool, what time?" I asked, trying to hide my disappointment.

" Nico you need a girlfriend...or a boyfriend," she added quietly. They think I am gay. I mean, sure, I had a crush on Percy (A/N PERCICO MY BABY!!!), but I am into girls. So yeah-yeah, I am bisexual, but who's being specific. I honestly liked her acknowledging it, but it didn't seem as if she was proud.

"What time?" I repeated harsher, not in the mood.

"Six." she responded.

"Alright what are we going to do for the day?" I asked.

"I want to stay here." Hazel said,"want to just have a movie marathon?"

"Sure." I responded. It was funny, we have a flat screen tv and every time we have free time Hazel wants to see it work.

"Oh," she said a few minutes into the movie. "You better wear something nice because you're going to be part of a blind date,"

"Hazel!" I yelped. Was she serious, did they... I am going to kill them. "I swear Hazel I..." I began when she-she shushed me.

Time lapse

I approached the restaurant wearily, Hazel was practically dragging me in. I was forced to wear a nice black dress shirt and a dark red tie. Hazel was wearing a stunning purple dress, holding a silver clutch.

I saw Jason and Piper holding hands, Frank waiting patiently beside them. Percy and Annabeth were smiling, yet they were tense, because they stood beside Leo and Calypso. I looked among my 'friends' trying to see if they actually cared if was here, or just amused that Hazel was able to bring me.

Then there was another girl, standing beside them. She had dirty blond hair with red streaks. She wore a navy blue cocktail dress, covered with sequence. Okay..too sparkly. She looked as if she was Edward's shiny vampire sister.

"You clean up nicely," Jason commented. I gave him a nod, and eyed the girl dangerously.

She stepped forward, studying me carefully, "You're Nico," she said, almost disgusted.

I scowled, "Yes." I spat, "and you are?"

"Sydney. Daughter of Venus." she responded, in her girly-girl voice.

I sighed..this was going to be a long night.

We settled down and the others began a conversation about god knows what, I was too busy counting the minutes before I could leave.

I sat down, but Sydney still stood. "Sit." I hissed.

"Be a gentleman and grab my bag and pull the chair out," she demurred.

'Whatever," I said, doing as she asked. And then I sat, leaning back, not acting much like a gentleman.

"So.." I said tentatively, I had promised Hazel I would try to show some interest.

"Don't you just love my dress, my daddy got it for me." she said, fixing her hair.

" No, I don't love it, I hate it, it's ugly." I gave my acrid remark.

She growled, " You jerk." Her blue eyes flamed into a unflattering pink.

"You asked my opinion." I smirked.

She fell silent, and looked down at the menu. The waiter approached us, Sydney looked up at him. Her eyes lit up.

"What is it you'd like to drink." he asked.

Sydney gave a flirtatious smile, "Why, I'd love the peach tea," she said.

He smiled back, "Of course,"

Gods, this girl was annoying me beyond compare, now he's flirting with the waiter, not that I have any interest in her.

"Sydney." I said strictly.

She whipped her head around, her hair falling into her water," What." she snapped.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm going to get some air,"

I stood, leaving her to flirt with the waiter.  

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