Inuyasha's Love

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     Recap: (Inuyasha's p.o.v.) "I love you more. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else before. Kagome, you are the only one that matters now."

     She gasped at my words. I could tell she was shocked. Her reply baffled me even more than my words shocked her. "Inuyasha I love you too but....... I can't stay here like this anymore. I can't hurt you anymore. if I stay here but I'll only end up hurting you or I'll get hurt and then you'll be hurting later."  "Kagome none of that matters anymore. You're the only thing that matters to me." As I said my last line I began to get down on one knee. I pulled up the ring her mother had given me when I asked for permission to marry her daughter. I already saw tears forming in her eyes and her smile began to grow. "Kagome, I'll love you forever no matter what happens to the two of us. Will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

     Tears ran down her cheeks as I saw the smile on her face. She put her face in her hands and muttered something. "Kagome move your hands I can't hear what you're trying to tell me." She moved her hands and I could barely understand her through her sobs but what I heard made me smile. "Yes! Yes! Of course!" I pulled the ring out of the box and gently slipped it on her left hand. When she stood up I picked her up and spun her around careful not to hurt her wound. She looked up into my eyes then closed hers, and started leaning towards me. I knew what was about to happen so I closed my eyes and leaned forward as well. My heart was beating rapidly. When our lips met I felt a small shiver emanate from Kagome. My love was finally here. Hopefully forever.

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