Clarke POV:

I hear the animalistic scream come from our side and block out the surroundings as Jones' head goes limp on my shoulder. They will understand why I did this. They have to.

I know Raven won't forgive me for a long time after this, but would she rather see me watch him get tortured and then die or just die peacefully with no pain. Hopefully she'll see past what I've done and see the good in it.

I look back to see Bellamy holding the girl in his arms watching me from a distance, he nods when he catches my eyes understanding what I did. If anyone was going to get it, it was him.

I look at Lexa and she looks at her people, "It has been done." announcing the death of Jones.

She looks back at me and nods. I watch as her and Indra have a confrontation about the how he had unfair trial and then Indra stomps off in an angry manner.

I look back at the body being taken off the pole and carried into one of the tents, suddenly his eyes open watching and following me. Even with his dark skin he is pale, his lips lost all colour and his eyes blood shot.

I blink and he turns back to the way he was and is taken into the tent. I shake the haunting feelings off and turn to Lexa who nods at one of the larger tents, which I make my way into.

I go straight to a bucket of water and use a scrap of fabric lying beside it to wipe off the blood on my hands, before I know it I'm sobbing and trying to scrape the blood off furiously.

My mother, Kane and Bellamy come in with a red eyed Raven shooting hateful glares at me. Bellamy comes up to me and takes my hands and holds them to stop me from scratching at them any harder.

I look down, unable to look into his eyes. He cups my cheek and wipes a fallen tear then tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. He then proceeds to wash the remaining blood off my hands not saying anything just concentrating on getting the sticky substance off my hands.

He then stands up tilting my head upwards to look at him and he smiles, very slightly and kisses my forehead. Then my mom crouches in front of me, taking away the red material that I hold in my hands and setting it down in the bucket. She takes me into an embrace and I look over her shoulder to see Raven glaring at me.

I hold her stare not wanting to let her bring me down over the decision I made. Lexa then walks in with two guards behind her and Indra following after them, I push back from my mother and walk forward to the table where the grounder woman stands. "We have finally held our end of the bargain, our truce?" I question her if she is willing to start planning getting all our people back.

"Yes but first, we must have the death ceremony. He will be burnt with the victims of his murder." She tells me. This woman won't even allow him to have a proper burial with the people he belongs with. My mother Kane and Raven start objecting at the same time but I put my hand up stopping their protests. Bellamy just observes from where he stands glancing at me every now and then waiting to see if he needs to intervene. "Ok, he will have the ceremony with your people."

My mother and Kane send a look of disbelief towards me and I nod at them, Raven is being held back by my mom to stop her from scratching out my eyeballs.

The most important thing right now is getting this truce and our people back; I cannot afford to think what would be best for other people if it means making it more difficult to get the truce.

Lexa dips her head at my decision glancing back at the group behind me and then at Bellamy who now stands next to me. "We travel back tonight and the ceremony will be held as soon as we arrive."

Lexa and Indra leave the tent leaving us with the guards. In a couple hours, Jones would be free of this world; with the ones he killed whom I hope forgive him for his mistakes.

"Why did you let her do that? Jones should have a proper burial with his people!" Raven yells out.

I look at Bellamy and he looks down at me with a sad look in his eyes knowing what I've done and why I've done it. "I did it because we need this truce to work, and we have to do what they want, otherwise we will never get our people back from Mount Weather." I mutter the ending and Bellamy slightly nudges my arm and I lead the way out of the tent before Raven can explode in my face.

"I get why you did it Clarke, I wouldn't have been able to do that and I'm sorry that you had to." Bellamy says walking beside me as we grab our stuff for what we need tomorrow.

I stay quiet not wanting to talk to him or anyone, but I know that keeping it in will just make things worse. I just pick up my canteen, sling a rifle over my shoulder and attempt to walk out but Bellamy block my pathway.

"What Bellamy?" I say still trying to avoid his gaze.

"I'm... I'm sorry Clarke." He says looking down at me, I finally look up at him and he has tears in his eyes. I close my eyes feeling the warm droplets run down my cheeks and feel as his arms envelop me in a hug.

I need this, although it shows weakness. I need him, and so do the people in Mount Weather. I cry silently in the safety of his arms and feel the wet droplets from his tears soak into my shirt.

After this is done and we have our people back, then we can grieve, but for now we must stay strong until then so I pull back from Bellamy who's stopped crying and I wipe the lost tear from his cheek away and kiss it, knowing we both need the affection.

I move away and walk past him into the brightening camp, Lexa walks out from her tent and towards the gate where there are horses waiting for them. Bellamy stands behind me, strong and emotionless, as do I and we walk forward to where they are mounting the horses. This was going to be one hell of an awkwardly long walk.

Raven comes out with her bag on and I don't say anything against her coming with us, mom and Kane follow her out and we follow the Grounders as they lead the way down the path towards their camp.

I apologise for the long wait for the update and how bad it is (I literally threw this together), I have dedicated this to my bestfriend and twin who is the greater than greater than life and is the 25 to my minus 25 (sorry about the inside jokes.) But she is such a great person and she is the one that keeps me positive through every day that I can't do chemistry and I miss her so much <3.

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