You woke up feeling refreshed, the sun shone through your window making the dormitory brighter. You smiled "today is going to be a good day" you said to yourself as you rose from your bed. Everyone was ether asleep or deep in thought, you quietly got your uniform and placed it neatly on your bed. You then went to bathroom to freshen yourself up, got dressed and headed into the Ravenclaw common room.

You walked in sat by the fire and started reading, as you read you noticed Luna walk in "good morning Y/N, did you sleep well?" Luna asked in her dreamy voice. You and Luna were quite close, people always saw you both hang out with each other. "Good morning, yes I did thank you" you replied.
"As its Saturday today, would you like to come to Hogsmeade with me and my friends in Gryffindor?" Luna asked.
"Yeah sure, sounds great!" You agreed "shall we head down for breakfast"
"Of course!" Luna answered, so Luna and yourself headed down to the great hall .

Once you got to the great hall Luna asked if you would sit with her "would you like to sit with me on the Gryffindor table with Neville, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny?"
You botho walked towards the table and sat down. "Good morning everyone" Luna said sitting next to Neville. "Good morning!" Everyone replied, you went sat down next to Hermione opposite Luna. "So, I was thinking we could all go down to Hogsmeade today with Y/N as its Saturday and no one has classes" Luna suggested
"Yeah, that sounds fun" Harry agreed as everyone nodded.
"Yeah, we could go to the three broomsticks for some butter beer!" Ginny offered.
You were all talking to each other about the usual things when you noticed Fred and George look at you further down the table. They smiled simultaneously and you smiled back, you knew they both had a crush on you and found it cute how they would both have little arguments over you. "So where should we all meet, as I've got some stuff to do before we go" Hermione asked,
"That's going to the library and reading books" Ron said laughing
"Shut up Ronald, can't a woman read?!" Hermione replied irritated
"Well we could all meet outside the the three broomsticks as that's where we are going" you suggested, "yeah that sounds good" everyone replied apart from Ron who was stuffing his face with food.
"Great looking forward to it" Neville said whilst drinking his pumpkin juice.

After breakfast finished everyone left, Hermione headed for the library and everyone else headed back to their common rooms as you were all meeting there for 11. As you were walking back to your common room you walked into Draco "oh look it's Y/N! Heading to Hogsmeade to today with your Gryffindor friends" Draco said grinning.
"What do you want Malfoy? Haven't you got anything better to do?" You replied
"Nah, not really. You see this is what I usually do" he replied making his grin bigger
"I think everyone knows that, now leave me alone, don't have time for you and idiotic comments" you said with anger in your voice. He looked surprised at the comment you just made and looked at you with disgust, " think you're clever don't you! All you Ravenclaws!" Draco said in disgust.
"Leave her alone malfoy" a voice replied from behind you. You turned around and saw it was George, he smiled at you and you smiled back "shut up Weasley twin!" Draco shouted trying to insult George, "you're not funny Malfoy, now run along to your Slytherin friends!" George said laughing, Draco then stormed off in anger.
"Thank you George" you said giggling at what he just said to Draco.
"No problem" he replied "anything for a smart Ravenclaw like you" you blushed a little as you walked down the corridor. You noticed the time and realised Malfoy kept you from going back to your common room. "Oh wow it's that time! I need to go and meet the others, see you later" you said before walking off to Hogsmeade. "See you later" George replied quietly as he saw you walk off.

You finally arrived at Hogsmeade and saw everyone outside waiting. "about time, what took you so long?" Ginny asked
"Sorry, walked into Malfoy and he started making comments like he usually does" you replied sighing. "Don't worry about that ferret Y/N, he's not worth it" Ron said. With that you all went inside the three broomsticks and found a table Harry and Neville went to get the drinks. "So Y/N taking the liking of anyone recently?" Ginny asked out of curiosity "actully I think to boys you know very well are taking a liking towards me" you replied. "What? Who?" Ginny and Hermione asked at the same time.
"I think it's pretty obvious, they are always looking at me and having arguments over me" you said smiling at the thought.
"Omg! My brothers Fred and George!" Ginny said a little too loud
"Wait didn't you already know?" You asked feeling like you shouldn't of said anything. "No I didn't" she replied
"Oh no, I shouldn't of said anything!" You panicked
"Don't worry, it will be our little secret" Ginny said giving you a wink. You laughed and noticed Harry and Neville carrying the drinks over. You all sat down with your butter beers and talked for hours on end. As you were all talking you noticed Fred by the door smiling at you, then called you over. "Um guys I'm gonna go outside for bit, get some fresh air" you said to excuse yourself from the table.
"Ok" they all replied in unison.

You walked outside and faced Fred. "What is it Fred?" You asked feeling confused as to why he wanted to talk to you. "Well I heard about you and Malfoy this morning" He replied feeling nervous. "I'm fine" you said smiling "honestly I am, it's only Malfoy anyway he can't hurt me"
"Haha yeah your right, he's one pathetic ferret" Fred replied laughing.
"Well I guess I'll see you later, and by the way you George don't need to fight over me" you said smiling. Fred smiled back at you and then hugged you. You didn't quite know what to do so you hugged back. "See you later then" you said before kissing him on the cheek and walking back into the three broomsticks.

Fred stood there with a big grin on his face, he was so happy "get George is well jealous" he said to himself not noticing George standing a few meters away from him feeling terrible.

Sorry it took ages to update, had course work to finish off plus didn't really have any ideas, but managed to come up with this. Hope you guys liked it and sorry for the terrible ending...poor George oh the feels haha. Thank you for all the reads really appreciate it! Don't forget to comment and vote and please message me for any requests that you have.

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