Chapter 5

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Me: Don't tell me what ?

I looked at Trevor and then at Bella and back at Trevor.

Me: Go put on a shirt !

He ran up the stairs & I approached Bella.

Me: Hello ?

Bella: Yes?

Me: What's the secret?

She stared right into my eyes.

Me: Talk !

Bella: He planned on getting you a promise ring.

Me: Bella don't lie to me.

Bella: I'm not, he called me over to um, look at some promise rings and to pick which one you'll like.

I smiled. Aww. He's so thoughtful.

Bella: Well I got to go.

Bella left in a second and Trevor came down the stairs.

Me: Why didn't you have on any clothes?

Trevor: Because she came unexpectedly.

Hmm. But Bella said he called her over.

Me: So she just rang the bell and you let her in?

Trevor: Yeah.

I nodded, aw he's lying to cover up the ring.

Me: Baby!

I giggled.

Me: Thank you for the ring.

Trevor: The ring?

Me: I know you got me a promise ring?

He looked so confused. He's a good actor.

Trevor: Zendaya, what the fuck sre you talking about?

Me: You didn't get me a promise ring?

Trevor: No, the fuck? Why would you think that?

Me: Thats what Bella said.

The fuck is going on.

Trevor: Oh the ring, Oh yea I got you a ring.

He couldn't get the words out of his mouth.

Me: You're lying.

Trevor: Baby, I'm not.

Me: I know when you're lying. What's going on?

He stood there quiet as hell. Then I heard his phone buzz. I grabbed it and read the text from Paul.

Paul🔥💪: Did you plan on how ur going to tell Zendaya???

He grabbed his phone and read the text.

Me: Trevor, what the fuck is going on?

He had a sorry ass look on his face.

Trevor: I can't tell you.

Me: You can't tell me? Okay.

I grabbed my phone.

Me: It's over.

Trevor: Zendaya come on.

He grabbed my arm.

Me: Tell me whats happening.

Trevor: I cant.

I pulled away.

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