Silence filled the whole room, Ross' lips parting slightly and a confused look on his face "But...he's actually alive." He said slowly.

"N-No! His plane crashed when I was six!" I said, shaking my head in disbelief

"Have you ever visited his grave?" Ross asked.

I put my head down "No. We never found the body..." Ross standed up, putting his hands up

"Then that's it, he's alive!" He said cheerfully. Like I'm really happy that he's alive.

I felt salty water drops running down my cheeks as I breath heavily

"How will my life end up?" I muttered to myself before getting out of the room, leaving Ross alone.

"Demi-" Niall seemed like he was about to begin yelling, until he saw me. "What's wrong..?"

"It's-It's nothing." I said, wiping away my tears with the back of my palm.

"Demi," He said softly, getting closer to me and holding my hands in his. "Tell me. Please?"

"Seriously it's hard to explain." I say and go straight to the room, throwing myself on the bed, crying.

"Shit. Shit. Shit!" I cry into the pillow that smells like women's perfume. Typical, it's Wilmer's house afterall.

I sniff, smelling alchohol and smoke, and it's certainly not coming from this pillow.

I raised my head and unlocked the room's door and get out.

"Woah" I groaned at Wilmer who's sitting on the couch, smoking and drinking, which caused me to get out of the house, to be followed by Ross.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He half-yelled to me, making me roll my eyes.

"He's smoking and drinking at the time time! I bet you he does drugs too!" I said calmly, rolling my eyes at him as he glared.

"You know something?" I said again, suddenly getting a very bad idea. "I want you to drive me somewhere."

He looked at me in disbelief. "What the- what the?!" 

"If you don't want me stealing your keys and punching you in the right eye, drive me there now!" I said to him threatingly.

"No wa-" And I did it, I took the keys that are in his pocket as fast as I can and ran down the building's stairs, reaching the bottom as fast as possible. Now that I thought he would actually agree to drive me over there.

"Ross' car..Ross' car!" I mumbled to myself as I scanned the whole parking.

Car with tinted windows. Here it is.

I went over to it and unlocked it as fast as possible.

I don't even know how to drive, fuck.

Before I could get out, Ross is already in front of me.

"Sorry?" I said in an innocent voice.

Unexpectedly, he got in the driver's seat, motioning for me to go to the passenger's seat, making a big smile appear on my face.

"Thanks, Ross." I muttered as soon as I got into the car.

"Russell." He said flatly.


"My name's not Ross. It's Russell." He said again, starting the car and opened the GPS on it.

I set the GPS up and he started driving.

"Okay then. Thanks Russell." I smiled at him.

I really need to get things fixed, whether in home, school, friends or anything else. This period had been the hardest in my life, even though I used to think my life was hard before all this storm happened, it was easy, not like now, not at all, and all I care about right now is Niall, and my family. Speaking of my family, I wonder if they found out about Derek's death. I began tearing up just thinking of him. I was going to give him a big package for his birthday, I even planned for it. His birthday is only after two weeks. I was going to get him Beats headphones, gift cards for various stores, including Target, candies and a family portrait, but I guess it's all over now. With a hundred questions in my mind, I begin thinking...what if my brother was alive, and he knew that our father was alive, what would have been his reaction? I wish I knew.

"Here we are." Ross said and I looked out of the window, my house becoming visible in sight. I miss my family.

And I really know, things need to get done with it, I need to make my life normal again.

(A/N tataraaa! Okay so about 3 more chapters and it's all done, and the next chapters are going to be fast-paced but like- not that fast. Dream boy and (maybe) Blue Waters might be published soon (I'll publish dream boy first though, and blue waters will maybe be published after I write a bit of dream boy. Tell me your thoughts about this story c: xoxo.)

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