chapter 32

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Chapter 32

I sat up with a scream, shot out of bed and fell flat on my face. Klaus appeared in the doorway and leaned against the door frame with a smirk." You alright, Sweetheart" I stood up and glared at him.

" don't sweetheart me, Klaus, I caught you last night" I snapped and his eyes narrowed. I walked over to the window not meeting his eyes" you kissed Hayley" my voice seemed to deepen, almost as if me, Ari, Jillian and Xella were talking as one" and you've just set yourself on a path you won't be able to walk away from, Niklaus Mikaelson" I covered my mouth with my hand wide eyed. We just looked at each other for a few seconds before he pinned me to the wall by my throat, my feet left the ground and I fought for air." Klaus, Stop" I begged and he frowned.

" do not threaten me, little witch, you may be my only loyal Hybrid left, but I can still snap your neck" his grip tighter and I winced. He seemed to snap out of it and dropped me to the ground in tears." Molly..." He whispered and went to reach for me but I vampire ran downstairs away from him. " Molly come back, please, I didn't mean to" but I was already gone. I ran out the door and to the only place I felt safe.

I pushed the rock out of the way, then pulled back. I lit the lantern in the middle of the of the small space, causing shadows to dance across the walls. I cried and Ari appeared with Jillian and The newly formed Xella. They sat next to me trying to calm me down before I started a thunderstorm that would knock Mystic falls off the Earth. After I was calmed down I mumbled" thanks" they smiled.

" how you doing Xella, since you moved on" she smiled" its wonderful and bright, I hope you guys get to see it one day"

" if we ever can" Ari said sadly and I frowned" what more is there for you to do, Ari"

" I have to make sure you don't get killed, Molly" I rolled my eyes then looked at Jillian, what about you, Jillian"

" I'm not sure, I guess I just want Klaus to be happy and to move on, to forget me. I just want him to see that love isn't a weakness, its strength " I nodded

" I think he was lieing when he said he loved me, he slept with Hayley"

" he was drunk, Molly" I was about to respond when I heard footsteps outside my hiding place, then Klaus calling out" Molly, I know your in there, Sweetheart. please, just let me explain" I looked at The three ghosts and they nodded. I sighed getting up. I turned off the lantern and pushed the rock out of the way. I crawled out and brushed the dirt off, before looking at Klaus.

" what" I snapped and he frowned" I'm sorry, Molly, please come home and let me explain"

" why should I, when you lied to me" I glared and turned around around." because, I do love you, Sweetheart. Just let me explain" I sighed before following him home.

There it is Chapters 32, tell me what you think so far and I have a question.

What is your favorite TVD scene.

mine is where Klaus is trying to get in the house by throwing fence posts at them

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