Bar fight

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Dan's point of view

     It is just another slow day at the bar. I sip at my ice cold beer. A couple of guys playing pool. Girls sipping at margaritas. I finish my beer and hand Jack a five dollar bill.

     I am about to leave when a girl screams. I turn, trying to see what happened. A girl is pressed against the wall by some dick.

     "Let me go!" she shrieks. His hand grips her thigh.

     "Now, why would I do that, baby?" He slurs. She pushes against his chest. He laughs and licks her ear lobe.

     "Hey, let her go!" I yell. He turns, and glares at me. The girl takes advantage of this. She slips out of his grip and runs to stand behind me.

     "You want a fight?" the man slurs.

     "It wouldn't be a fight," I say. The girl behind me lets out a low whimper.

     I know I can't let her get pushed back up against the wall. I walk up to the drunk man.

     "If you ever touch her again, it will be the last thing you ever do,"  I say. Then I walk out of the bar. I hear the door open and footsteps come up behind me.

     "Thank you." It's the girl from the bar. I keep walking. "I'm Lila."

     "Don't care," I murmur. She frowns.

     "What's your name?" she asks.

     I sigh. "If I tell you, will you leave me alone?" I ask.

     "Jeez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Lila says.

     "My name's Dan. Now leave me the hell alone," I say, a little too forceful.

     She smiles. "I'm glad that I met you Dan."

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