Alone with Ziexxar

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we had been traveling for about half a year and I didn't feel sad or anything. For once I had felt happy! And also I thought I might've fallen in love with Jack Edwin, but I couldn't tell him!

When we had stopped traveling, it had been because he had gotten reminded about my education, and then he had just dropped me off at my home and said 'Bye, see you on holiday'. Just like that!

So here I was, trying to continue life like before, but I missed him so much! My heart was aching, and at nights I cried so much that I had a really painful headache when I woke up, which wasn't that comfortable. I had started to actually attend school, and my grades were surprisingly good. I got 'C' or 'B' in almost every subject!  But then, one day, a teacher reminded me of Jack Edwin again:

"Miss Carter, I don't think I can approve this essay. The instructions were clear; write an essay about the best thing that ever happened in your life, but you wrote about an alien? Aliens don't even exist!" it was Mrs Smith who said it as she read my essay. I felt an aching pain in my heart, but just nodded.
"Then I'll re-write it, mrs Smith" I faked a smile and picked up my bag before leaving the classroom. 

On my way home I noticed a dark shadow a bit further on the street, and I felt my body turn colder than usual as I saw the shadow approaching me slowly. When the shadow had come close enough, I could see that it wasn't a shadow. It was a monster; with red eyes, slimy hair, long, razor sharp teeth, and it was tall, and by the look of it; made of metal. A panicked scream grew in my throat, but never left my lips. Before I even knew it, I had grabbed the small knife from my pocket (the one I always carried with me in case things like this would happen) and stared at the monster in front of me.
"It's me, I've searched for you everywhere, Alicia. That's what you call yourself, isn't it? Alicia Carter?" The monster asked with a nasty smirk, and its eyes were literally burning in a bright shade of red. I swallowed, wondering if I should attempt to stab the monster. I decided against it, since it looked like I would die if I just thought about it.
"What are you? who are you?" I managed to ask, feeling my hands tremble slightly with fear.
"I'm here to reveal the truth" the monster replied. There was a sudden noise and I turned to look in the direction of  the sound. As I looked behind me, I saw another monster, almost identical to the monster I had already seen and 'talked' to, except for the fact that this new monster had green burning eyes instead of red.
"Zeixxar, the time is out. We'll have to try another time" the green-eyed monster said, before they both disappeared an with ear-piercing 'boom!'

I stood there, my whole body trembling violently, with my mouth wide open in a soundless scream. My mind was spinning, what the hell was that? Did it happen? What was those creatures? What did 'Zeixxar' mean?

Sorry guys it's short, I didn't know what to write and I felt like I had to update. then I wanted to ask if I should add cast members to thiis story? Since no one will comment I might as well decide it by myself, but I'd be truly happy if you left a comment!)

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