Chapter 7: Pets

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I sit waiting, knowing that eventually you will treat me like one of your children or the child you never had. You will love me, feed me and keep me exercised. You will make sure I am in good health and you will even use your precarious money in order to do so: paying expensive vet bills for me to get jags, medicine and to get an operation that stops me from having children and knowing the joys of parenthood.Thanks to you I won't have children to be proud of, so instead I will wait, bide my time and that moment you fall asleep, the moment you let your guard down I will walk into your room and kill you as you sleep. You stopped me from fulfil my life's purpose so I will repay the favour, for I have never truly loved you, to me you were just a way to get food.

I am a dog trapped in a cruel world that brings pain and misery to others.

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