New place

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We ran for hours and we finally were safe , ok we're good drak look out the room , WAIT drak my name is mark

ok thanks , wait drak do you have any wepons , uh well iv never actually killed anything before , well um... take this pocket knife , well thanks , oh also aim for the head it's the only way to kill them you have to destroy the brain , umm ok ... oh crap keep it down , why , there back , climb out the fire exit , I started climbing drake behind me , oh crap MARK , what , it's wobbling , it broke , AHHHHH !!!

SHIT , OH IM OK , drak keep it down I'm coming down , SHIT THERS WALKERS , Use your knife , he stabed one in the leg it fell and he stabed his head , IM ALMOST THER , I shot one in the head , drak get up , crap I .. I can't I think my leg broke , I only have two bullets .. I'm coming Down , I got down to him , ok mark help me up , I got him up and helped him up to the roof , drak , what , I'm destroying the fire exit , MARK we won't be able to get down , ill find a way , I knocked It down the rails were like ladders , i think I already found a way , well that's good , drake get some rest , ok , later he fell asleep I wrote him a note it said


I went out to find supply's
Like meds for your leg I
Took your knife and I
Gave you the gun it's next
To the fire exit

Don't move I'll be back

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