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Katie's POV

I turned sideways and pointed at Barricade. "Everyone, this is my partner, Barricade." He crossed his arms and grunted. I gave him a stern look and tuned back to my family. They were all shocked.

"But what is he?"

"Well guys, you should know."

Dani looked at me confused. "What do you mean?"

"He's the same thing that they are." And I pointed to the vehicles. "And I'm also part of Optimus Prime's team, Team Prime."


Heatwave POV

How could this of happened? How does she know this Barricade fellow? And why did a sudden wave of rage just go through me?

I was the first to transform. The others followed. "Ok, how do you know Optimus, and since you know what we are, how did you meet him?" I glared as I pointed to Barricade. He merely glared back.

Her family looked back at her, waiting for an answer. She looked pained before she looked me dead in the optic.

"Well, it happened about three years ago...."

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