the begening

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Jack was sitting at his job inventing with his brother kie and they where late for lunch AGAIN. it was gleens birthday the party starded at 12:00am they got there at ummm 1:00am when they got there there was toons of screaming they must be drunk kie thought. Butt when they got inside... Evreone looked like they where from zombie killer 101 (a famous hit game)they both pinch there self. But jack realized this was real. 4 hours before... Te and kyle where testing a potion that would heall all wounds in secends. 4houres later when Glenn drank bear it mixed with the pottion as geeks would call him he was a zombie. The next day Half the state was inffected with the virouse meanwhile kie and jack where hiding in Russia which had no infection later jack and kie where in a Russian millatery base. They where being interigaded. Jack and kie didn't know what info they had that the Russians didn't but jack and kie realized the Russians thought they where infected how could they escape? I'm gonna kill you the Russian said but then kie could reach a gun. BAM right in the butt of the Russian soldier. Jack on the other hand was surprised that kie killed someone but jack grabbed a knife staged next to him and Lett him self free oh he let kie out to lets get out of here said jack so they grabbed a gun there WAS some actually infected zombies BAM BAM BAM wow jack could actually shoot. More zombies where coming kie said they found a RPG they dident know what to do but jack got a idea a smirk SLAM was on his face he grabbed the RPG and they went on there way.

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