Part Two end

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Third person POV

Soon enough, it was the end of Christmas Day. Everyone crashed back at The Grace's place once again. Only one person wasn't sleeping. Instead, he stared at the stars through the window and played his keyboard softly. Percy was awake, looking out the window, at the laughing stars that danced without fear and sang without melody. Percy was a dreamer, he was amazing, he always thought what he could do to help all others. He sat there, looking into the night.


It was midnight when I started to softly play the ivory keys. I wrote down the notes and the words to the lullaby I had made. It was for their ears only. The people who stuck near me. I loved them all. Every time I see them, I wish I could talk for a few moments. Just for them. I hummed my words, even though I'm not supposed to. Why shouldn't I? I loved them, this lullaby had to be perfect.

Far away, where the nightshade blooms
Where all my dreams, end with you
And I stand alone
Where could I call my home
All your laughs and you hardships
Have given me life
Because tonight
A starry light
The air is cold
The sky of soul
But just believe
In all your dreams
Maybe one day, I could come home.

I coughed as I slowly finished. I smiled and slept in my wheelchair, my eyes tracing a new constellation I made up. It was a heart with different stars in it. All of the people I loved in one place at the same time. I felt my eyes grow heavy as I fell into a dream, filled with the silver palace, where the nightshade blooms.

Sorry the last part was very short. What do you think? That was the last of part two, but not the end!

So, what do you think will happen in the next part? What is on the memory card? What did Percy mean by nightshade? Please answer these questions in the comments below.

The real answers will be at the end of the book!

Love you demigods!
Jace is out!

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