✌️ Chapter 2 ✌️

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Tara's P.O.V
After he said that I was just in shock, but I replied "I would like that!" I mean I'm nothing special just a 16 year old girl from California who's dreams to become a doctor, I just have long straight brown hair, with brown hazel eyes, and perfect white teeth after getting my braces off 3 months ago, and I only okay basketball, soccer
(football in other countries), track and field and volleyball, also I only have only 4 best friends Miranda, Mykayla, Kimberley and Sophia, also I sing and play guitar, also I draw, I'm really nothing special so why does he want to hang out with me? After I though all of these things I heard a DING. It was Matthew, he said "Awesome, alright here's my number ###-###-#### (I didn't know what to put for the number😂) So I memorized the number and made a contact then I send him a message "Hey it's Tara." I got a message real quick say "Hey! This is a lot better than talking on Instagram haha." I said "Yeah well I'm going to bed, sorry it's Sunday and I have school tomorrow goodnight I'll talk to you mañana!" I looked at my message as he was tying and I though oh crap and sent another one saying "Tomorrow*" did I forget to mention I spoke Spanish? Oh well. He wrote "Alright!! Good night talk to you then☺️." So after that I turned on my alarm and plugged my phone on its charger then unmade my bed so I can get under the covers walked over to my light switched it to off then hoped in bed and instantly fell asleep.
•☀️ Morning / Next Day ☀️•
I woke up to BEEP BEEP BEEP, I walked over to my phone and turned it off, it was five in the morning, I always wake up early because I want to use everything first before my other 3 sibling do, I forgot to bring them up I have a 17 year old brother named William, then a 14 year old younger sister named Sayla (Say-la), then a 13 year old brother named Caleb. (And I'm Kaitlyn I just changed the name and I'm really 15 years old.) Any way I took a nice warm shower then got out and wrapped a towel around myself then woke up my sister because she wants the shower after me. I walk into my room and take my towel off I walk to my top drawer of one of my dressers and take out a pair of matching bra and underwear that are baby blue with PINK in black above my behind, I put those on then walk over to my closet get my black leggings and American Eagle flannel I put those on I see its 6:00 a.m. I wake up my brothers and parents, yes I wake everyone up by knocking on there doors. Anyway I walk back to my room then put on my perfect white converse. I walk up to my full body length mirror and look at my outfit and approve of it. Then I go down stairs cut up apples, bananas, and oranges for my family. I also make waffles for them, I just felt like they should have a nice breakfast. I eat then tell everyone I made them good so they all rush downstairs. I get the bathroom all for me, so with that I quickly brush my teeth, and look at my face. I don't need makeup, so I just wash my face then get my purse and books for school, I tell everyone I'm leaving because school is just 5 minutes away, as I walk out I see my Besties out on the path walk waiting for me! I go up and meet with them "Hey girls, how was your weekend?" The twins (Miranda and Mykayla) yell "Good!!" Sophia says "It was good." Kim says "I was bored." Then we all laugh! We continue walking and I tell them about the Matthew thing. They were shocked and were just like "No way." We reached school and I saw Sayla and Will behind us a little ways I thought "Good they made it." Caleb isn't in high school yet so he goes to Evergreen Middle School while we go to West Valley High School. I went to my locker while my friends went to there class to talk to there teachers. As I shut it the most popular boy that plays basketball and that every girl wants is right there. I just keep walking because he won't like a girl like me I'm a intelligent girl that sits behind him in AP World History that says nothing, as we walk he says "Hi Tara, did you see the Thunder @ Kings game last night!" I said yes then we talked about it until the bell rang. We walked into class then took our regular seats. After the lecture Mr. Proscher said we took out our notebooks and straying taking notes the teacher and I were the only left handed people in the class. (I really am) I thought it was cool. I also kept thinking about why Kyle was like this today, and Matthew. Once we were done with notes we got a paper with 10 questions on it for chapter 33. Once he said do what you want just don't be load, I popped a piece of polar ice gum in my mouth then saw I had a message from Matthew "Heyyy!" I said "Hey!" Then we had a conversation about getting to know each other and stuff like that. The bell rang and I went on with my day, when the final bell rung I got to my locker I pulled out all the homework i needed then started walking home. I got home and opened the door and then went to my room, I saw a red rose bouquet on my dresser I saw a note that read "Semi would be perfect with a girl like you. Be my date?" I turned around and saw Kyle with chocolate In his hands. "I would love to go with you, how did you get in my house though?" "Oh your mom let me in." After that he left and I started my homework.
🌜Fast forward to Bed Time🌛
Once I hoped in bed I fell asleep.
•🌸 Next Morning 🌸•
I got ready the same way and then started walking to school with my best friends and when I got to school I put all my binders from last night in my locker and kept out my AP one for first period. As I sat down and the bell rang my teacher announced we had a new student and guess who it was Matthew. I was shocked. I just sat there not moving.

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