still wearing the dresses

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Leo: oh me lord! I can't believe she just did that! *watching TV with Raph still in dress*

Raph: mhm girlfriend. She shouldnt have dumped him for that ugly shell. *snaps fingers*

Savannah : *has a candy bag in hand just in case they break*

Becca: *has one also*

Veronica: *has one in hand*

Mikey: when can I do this?!

Savannah : -.- Mikey, they were dared to...

Mikey: and I wasn't!? Has this world gone mad!!?

Savannah : *facepalms*

Donnie: uhhhh..since when did I have sisters?

Becca: sense elana dared leo and raph to dress and act like girls.

Veronica: I gotta admit though...Raph looks kinda cute.

Raph: *smirks*

Savannah : lmao

Becca: *watching Leo*

Leo: no! Girl, he was your bae! *throws popcorn at the TV*

Savannah : *checks phone* Raph, Leo, you guys are done.

Leo and Raph: *Rips dresses off*

Raph: thank god! That dress was riding up in places it shouldnt!

Veronica: *tries not to laugh*

Raph: I'm gonna go play with Spike. *leaves room*

Leo: SPACEHEROS! *turns on spaceheros and watches it*

Becca: *sits beside him to watch it*

Savannah : bye ninjas!! VOTE!! COMMENT!!

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