Chapter 5

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Lexi POV
I woke up to alarm and i took a shower then brushed my teeth put on light make up which was foundation, eye liner, mascara, and lip balm then got dressed
~ white converse
~white island crop top
~ rhinestone shorts
~ ray bans
After i got dressed i got my phone and walked downstairs and saw my mom making pacakes and bacon so i ate some of that and me and my mom then left for school.

When i got on the bus people said hey and i would wave and then i saw Zoe and walked over to her then the bus stopped qt our school and matt did not say anything rude to me at all but i did hear something that suprised me........

I was walking with zoe then i heard matt say he had a crush on me maybe that is why he was being mean yesterday so i walked up to him and said "hey" but he didn't say anything back he kicked me and it hurt really bad so i just walked to my locker and then matt, nash, taylor, shawn, and cameron came over to me and surrounded me by my locker then while i put my hand In my locker then it got smashed by matt and then i got my hand out of my locker and i ran to the nurse "i accidently just slammed my hand in my locker" i said trying not to blame matt because i do have a crush on him.

( i nees people to be charecters and I'm switching pov's to matt's now)
Matt POV
I just told the guys that i have a crush on lexi but then she walked up to me and said hey all i did was kick her i really like her though but when i get around her i just start being mean and rude then i was walking to her locker to try and apoligize but tue guys tol me to slam her hand in the locker and so i did then she ran to the nurse crying i felt really bad then Zoe came up to me and said that she can tell i like zoe but is it really that noticable??? I really like her but the guys say i f i go out with her then i will lose all popularity then zoe and lexi came back and went to 1 st period and i forgot i had to sit next to lexi and she did not say a word to me.
* skip school day*

I was walking to Matt's house to work on our project and then i got to his house because it was right beside my house but then i changed my mind and went home so i walked up to my room and saw a note and it said.....

A/N what do yall think the note said and who do you think the note is from don't forget to comment hair color eye color and who you want to be and some hobbies you like ~love lexi😍✌

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