The Bad Boy

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My name is Ryder Williams and I'm so sexy.

My hobbies are being an underground fighter and being a shitty grumpy ass guy who the whole school cowers under because I'm just that cool.

At lunch, my best friend Carter Adams talked shit about Clementine so I punched his sorry face in because bros before hoes doesn't apply here as Clementine is clearly not a hoe. I am willing to sacrifice my eight years of friendship with my best friend over a girl I met this morning, because I'm such a valiant bad boy.

"Ryder!" a girl snaps.

I raise an eyebrow at Brittany. "Yes?"

She narrows her eyes. "You punched my brother because he called Clementine sexy?! What's wrong with you?"

I gasp.

"You know I'm a vampire?"

She stares at me with confusion. "Huh?"

I smile darkly. "Never mind."


idek what I just wrote

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