Just remembered that you're most probably in the airplane, CALL ME WHEN YOU SEE THIS OK

After reading the texts, Louis gasped with a smile and immediately dialed his number then kept the phone to his ear as the alpha was watching him curiously while rubbing Louis' baby bump slowly.

"LOUIS! Fuck, I finally got a hold of you, did you see my texts?"

Louis rolled his eyes fondly with a smile and said, "Yes, of course I saw your texts, why do you think I called? Any who, CONGRATULATIONS BLONDIE! Never knew you'd get married that fast. Being an omega has its perks, you find someone so easily just like that," and snapped one of his fingers to make a point.

Niall was laughing in the background ever since Louis opened his mouth and that's the thing about Niall, he laughs at everything Louis says because Louis is just simply hilarious without trying. He then said, "I got myself two hot alphas out of nowhere so I will never ever complain again in my life."

The workers left the house after they were done unpacking their things for them in their new room just like Harry asked them to do.

Louis giggled cutely as he leaned into Harry's arms and said, "And I got myself one really hot alpha that is worth millions of alphas out there and that's enough for me," and smiled up at Harry who gave his omega a look with so much love in his eyes as he prepped him up with kisses making Louis giggle more.

Niall pretended to throw up and said, "Didn't know you could be so cheesy, Lou, seriously," then added, "You two are disgustingly cute but as much as I would love to hear you guys get all lovey dovey, I need to prepare for university and so should you."

Louis groaned at the thought of going back to university because he doesn't want to be away from his alpha anymore and pregnancy will make him be needy all the time. He let out a deep sigh and said, "Fine, later, Nialler," and then they both hung up at the same time.

When the omega looked back up at the alpha, he saw him furrowing his eyebrows in confusion so Louis said quietly, "What?"

Harry brought him close and said, "What's going on? What got you all upset out of nowhere?"

Louis shrugged lightly while hiding his face in Harry's neck who was holding him in his arms like he was his little baby burrito. He said sadly, "Niall reminded me that I have university to attend to soon and I also remembered that I won't be seeing you a lot maybe... I just..." and sighed when he didn't know how to explain how he feels.

Harry understood exactly what his omega meant so he whispered in his ear, "Shh now... it's all going to be alright, I will be there whenever you need me, I am just a phone call away. Fuck... I can't imagine not having you around after we got this place because I need to have my omega and babies around in order for me to fall asleep at night."

Louis' bottom lip quivered at the mere thought of him sleeping alone without his alpha's smell and arms to make him feel safe in his own skin. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he looked up at him and said quietly, "I don't want to go, p-please don't let me go," and sniffled sadly.

Harry gasped when he saw him crying because that was his weakness and he just couldn't stand the sight of seeing his omega cry over anything or anyone even for him. He wiped his tears away and whispered, "Baby, shhh," and kept giving him kisses as he held him close hoping that his arms will let him forget about every bad thing that could happen.

Louis whispered in his arms while his eyes were shut, "I'm sorry I cry too much now. It's just that... you mean the world to me and I got used to having you around especially when we go to bed but now..."

Harry nodded in understanding as he rubbed his back soothingly and said, "That little gate won't stop me from seeing you, remember that," and kissed the top of his head softly.

Louis slowly started to calm down in his arms and then said, "O-Okay..." and took a deep breath.

Their whole day was spent with them being around each other's arms and with Harry feeding him because he thought Louis was just the most adorable omega in the world when fed.

The alpha decided to cheer him up so they watched a really funny movie in hopes that Louis would just calm down so that the babies would be calm too but if Louis was stressed and upset then it wouldn't have had helped the situation at all.

The plan worked with cheering him up so he mentally patted himself on the back for being a good alpha and choosing the right comedy film to make him laugh like that since his omega's laugh is precious.

Later that night when he got Louis to bed, he made sure that Louis was tucked in well so that he and the babies were all warm. He shut the lights off and made his way outside where he shut the door slowly so that no sound will come out.

He went downstairs while he had his phone in one hand as he dialed a strange number then waited for it to ring then kept the phone to his ear as he looked outside of the window where there was snow falling since it's still January so the weather was still cold and snowy.

"This is the University for Omegas only, how may I help you?"

Harry took a deep breath as he looked around with his other hand tucked in his pocket as he said quietly, "I would like to speak to the dean, please."

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