Chapter 21

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When Louis was back from his honeymoon with his alpha after a week, they could have stayed longer since Louis had to go back to his university. He was shocked from the amount of texts he got from Niall which he really needed to sit down for this because it might take a while.

Harry was right behind Louis then furrowed his eyebrows when he heard Louis' phone that kept on sending tons of notifications which made him wrap his arms around his waist while resting his large hands on the omega's baby bump and whispered against his ear, "Everything alright, babe?" as the workers kept their bags in their room which happens to be in their new home that they finally share together.

Louis nodded then tilted his head to the side to get a look at his alpha with a smile and said, "Yeah, it's just Niall being Niall, probably missed me or something... last time I talked to him was yesterday and I am surprised he still has more things to talk about," and giggled shaking his head then leaned into Harry's arms while he took a look at their new home from outside as they heard the limo drive off.

The alpha chuckled then slowly picked Louis up in his arms bridal style as he brought them into the house and said, "Well, we have to be inside first so that you don't get tired, yeah?" then his face expression changed as he added, "I am worried about you and our babies..."

Then set Louis down in the living room's white sofa so that he would rest since he was afraid that travelling would exhaust him too much or it would lead to the babies being hurt in some way.

Louis sighed fondly as he looked at his protective alpha and said, "We are all alright, don't worry about us, my love. Come sit next to me and stop worrying, please?" and gave him a smile then held his hand softly so that he would lay next to him which gave the omega the opportunity to cuddle into him making him look small compared to his alpha.

Harry smiled as he looked down at his tiny omega while bringing him close into his strong arms and breathed in his intoxicating scent by nosing at his feathery hair while Louis was going through Niall's texts.

[Nialler <3]:

They are so fucking hot Lou I can't believe they chose me


Seriously mate, I don't know what to do


When are you coming back?

I hope I am not interrupting or annoying you guys

Ehh, your alpha will get over it

They smell so good though

What do you think our pups would look like?

We will have really attractive pups I am emotional



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