Demon Hidden

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  (Hello, so Ciel won't know if you are a demon because it seems like he doesn't know. So let us continue the story.)

      Y.N seemed strange today so did Bocchan. Something must have happened, and I might have just the slightest clue. I see Y.N walk in the garden, she walked swiftly. I sigh as I love a demon, who seems to not return the same feelings. She had to wear a tail coat today and her hair had to be trimmed. But her figure is still the same, she still is thin and I'm a lot more taller that does not change..."Are you alright?" Y.N asks as she turns towards me "Yes, do not worry about me." I say she stares at me until it was quite a while. "Are you....jealous?" she asks me I looked at her "Of what?" I ask she leaned her head to the side and continued to stare. "I don't acknowledge that. But it seems as though you are." Y.N states I smile "Please do not mind so." I say she nods and returns to the flowers. I really despise that I can't tell her yet. "Do you have something to tell me?" she asks I stood and walk towards her she turned around.

          Sebastian's lips fell upon yours gently. Unlike Ciel's his kiss was a lot more rough and quick. He held your hands, as the passionate kiss continued. To then end as you both stood under the moonlight, "That is what I had to show you." he says you at him "Confession, was it?" you ask as you smirk "Yes, I believe it is." he says and has a smirk on his face. It seems like he is a lot better at smirking then you are, though he has done long before you. "What are you scheming, Sebastian?" you ask this silence worried you "I order you to wear a cat collar." he says you looked at him confusion "I don't have an option, of course master." you say as you both let go of each others hands "Here." he says the collar had a golden bell mainly a cat would wear, the collar was black. He then set it on your neck "Why the bell? Why not only the collar." you ask him "Oh, then it would look like a choker instead of a collar. Also because it looks nice on you." he says and smiles.

  You look at him "Anything else?" you ask him and raise your eyebrows "No, not yet." he says with a amused smile. She nods and walks off. I chuckle with the silence, what is a pity is I won't be seeing her in a dress anymore. She seemed more fit in one, rather than a tail coat. I heard something ahead I hurried off to see what, which was Y.N that had collapsed. I quickly pick her up she then awoken "Sebastian...let go please." she says barely hearable "What happened you were lying on the ground." I ask her "What are you saying?" Y.N asks her arms leaned over my shoulders. She doesn't remember, she looked frail in my arms. I leaned forward to kiss her I felt her unsteady heartbeats.

(Crying in background* I apologize deeply I am just very annoyed at school daily almost and get headaches. All because of a guy >.<)

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