Warning this is a battle of the five armies based one, it does have a good ending. If you haven't watched the movie DO NOT READ.

You fought your hardest but the enemy didn't slow their pace. You being an elf, you were quite skilled with sight and hearing, you could feel your enemy approaching.

You quickly decapitated another orc when you heard an ear piercing shout. Your head whipped upwards to find the source only to see it was Kili.

"Oh, no." You said softly with tears coming to your eyes.

"KILI!" you head Fili yell and you rushed to Kili's aid. Which wasn't easy. They were where Azog was watching the battle just minutes before.

"KILI!" you yelled as you finally reached the spot.

Your pace became faster and you collapsed on the hard rock next to him. Your tears now uncontrollable as you hold his head in your arms.

"Kili...kili..don't let go Kili.." You muttered. He was still breathing and trying desperately to hold on.

"Kili...I can save you..just hold on.." You heard the eagles in the distance.

You looked around and found Thorin and Fili fighting Azog. (I know it wasn't this way) you looked back down to Kili and grabbed his hand in yours.

"You already saved me..." Kili struggled to say. Which made you cry even harder.

"Kili you stop that, your going to live...please hold on..The eagles are coming.." You managed to say through tears.

With that the eagles arrived. First picking up Thorin and Fili. Then they came for you and Kili.


He woke up in rivendall.

"He has awaken. He requests your presence." Master Elrond spoke softly to you.

You rushed past him and ran into the chambers.

"Kili!" You saw his face, his smiling face. You ran to the bed and jumped on it wrapping him in your embrace.

"(Y/n)!" He laughed.

"I'm so happy your alright." You said letting go of him and sitting on the side of the bed.

"I'm happy your alright." He said.

"Of course I'm alright." You laughed.

"Thank you for saving me, once again." He said sincerely.

You blushed and looked down.

"It was my honour." You looked up to his beautiful deep brown eyes.

"I love you (y/n)." He said, you both leaned in closing the space between you.

"And I, you." You smiled as he did also.

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