Dean grabbed the bag out of the trunk, it was dusk now. They were at an old abandoned factory just a mile outside of town. Dean pointed to some goo on the doorway. 

"Shifter for sure." Sam noded, looking at the door.

"It looks like someone already kicked it down..." Dean shrugged, entering the building. Sam followed behind. 

Suddenly there was noise, things being knocked over. Then a gunshot and then silence again. Dean was the first to round the corner. He observed the girl that was standing there.

Her back was to the boys, her leather jacket and black hair were the first thing Dean noticed. Sam started walking up to her, Dean grabbed his arm and started making faces to tell him not to.

"Don't bother, I already know someone else is in here." She started, turning around to face them. Her face brightened up a little. "Hey kid, you're from the diner the other night." She smiled at Sam.

Dean looked confused for a minute, "Wait you two know eachother?"

"Not exactly," Sam and the girl said in unison. 

"Let me guess, Sam and Dean Winchester?" She asked, raising her eyebrows at the pair. 

"How did you...?" Dean started.

"You boys are basically famous. You stopped the apocalypse. Now, tell Bobby to call me next time he decides to send you boys somewhere." 

The brothers stared at her in astonishment as she exited the building. They started to go after her, she had the trunk of her car open. Her back was to the pair again as she opened up the false bottom, using a sawed off shot gun to hold it open as she put her weapons away quickly. Dean whisled.

"Nice car, 64?"

"Yup, it was my dad's." Dean got a slight sense of dejavu talking to this girl. Sam on the other hand was completely baffled at how one-in-the-same his brother and this girl were. 

"How are we supposed to tell Bobby anything if we don't know your name?" She chuckled in response to Dean's inquiry. 

"Scarlett Anthony at your service," she held out her hand for him to shake. He took it, and then she got in her car. 

"Wait, Scarlett! Why don't you come back to Bobby's with us? We may need your help with something."

She eyed him for a moment, starting her car. "I don't know..."

"Come on, how long has it been since you saw Bobby?"

"Fine. Here," she handed him a card that had numbers scrawled on it in neat handwriting. She nodded at him and turned up her radio, Highway to Hell coming through the speakers. She ran her hand through her hair, pulling out of the ally and leaving Dean staring after her.

"Dean? You with me?" Sammy asked, waving his hand in front of Dean's face.

Dean slapped his hand away, "get in the car!"

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