Chapter 4: Meeting Kord and Trixie

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Eli, Pronto and Burpy proceed to the cavern where the tournament is being held. After observing the competition, Eli signs up and, once again, gets laughed at, with no one believing he's a Shane. "Wh-wh-what? You never dueled before?! Do not worry, Pronto will find someone for you to spar with" Once Eli tells Pronto that he's never been in a duel before, Pronto hurries off to find a sparring partner for Eli to practice with. While he's gone, Eli bumps into the girl from before who defeated the bandit. "Hey it's you I didn't get your name. I wanted to say thanks" the girl said "My name is Trixie Sting, and your welcome" Eli asked another question "What are you doing with that camera?" "I'm finding someone who has weaknesses so I can take him done easily and spread the news for the whole Slugterra. Don't you have a training for the tournament?" Eli in confusedly answer "Huh, eh, yeah, my friend is finding a person for me to spar with. Why don't you spar with me?" "And give away my moves I rather say no" Trixie replied. Pronto returns with a Cave Troll named Kord Zane. "Eli, I want you to meet Kord Zane. Kord Zane meet Eli Shane" "You said I've been dueling with a Shane. This is just a kid" "You know, I really admire Cave Troll, I always wanted to see one" Eli said excitedly. After displaying his admiration for the troll, they practice slinging slugs. Kord teaches Eli the basics of dodging and tactics, and also allow Eli to add some of the Floppers they were using as practice slugs to his arsenal.

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