Chpt. 3

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I went back to our home, in which my birthday twins and I lived with our two Home Nurses. one for the boys and the other for us girls. Before I went to the girls bedroom I took a look at Ryan who was looking at me, his dark skin matched mine, we were the only ones with darker skin. Zach, Gracie, and Tiana had the same pale skin. My long dark brown hair covered half of my face and just as I pushed it out of the way Ryan was back in his room. I jumped in my bed that was in between Gracie's and Tiana's. I fell into a lovely deep sleep with only Ryan in my mind, then my nightmare started.

"RUN!" I heard a random women's voice shout. "Run Lucy! If you want to make it out alive you have to run!" my eyes finally met this women's. She's the women that's always in my dreams I call her my savior. She's always saving me from something when I can't save myself. My savior grabs my arm and pulls me to a thick forest, I'm very lost, I've never seen this place before. My savior always leaves me in different places, I don't know what this means.

Soon enough I wake up to the sound of our Home Nurse telling us to get ready for first meal. I quickly grab my morning uniform, which is the ugliest out of all our uniforms, and get dressed. Once meal is over we go to the monitor and wait for announcements from The Grand Master. "This is going to be great" Zach said with a sarcastic tone to Ryan, they laughed in agreement. "Good morning my lovely children. I want all of you to meet at Ceremony Hall in 60 minutes. We have four brother and sisters who will be leaving us and go to The Octive. Now get dressed, no one shall be late" the monitor turns off after Grand Master's announcement.

I walk with my birthday twins, we walk hand in hand as the rules state. I hold Gracie's hand as always but today I'm super lucky to hold Ryan's hand. I smile at him once our fingers interlock, he shoots me his amazing half smirk that always wins me over. Once we get to the Ceremony Hall we sit down and wait, we've been to so many of these leaving ceremonies that we could run them ourselves. I knew what we were all thinking, this will be us in a week. Our 16th birthday was coming up and we were going to The Octive that day, some birthday present. Once the ceremony was over we left and headed to our usual classes together, first mapping, this was my worst class but Gracie's best.

"Come on Lucy, it's super easy. Just put bolder three on the intersection of M9." Like I said, Gracie knows exactly what she's doing, I obviously don't. "How am I supposed to know that?!" Gracie can tell I'm frustrated. I have no idea how I passed my test with my failure at mapping. Gracie just takes my map and finishes it for me. I love her and I need to get her to pass this stupid test, I know exactly how, hopefully my plan works.

I haven't told Gracie yet, but she has to follow through or she will be sent to The Pit. I can't leave my best friend to try and survive The Pit, I need her, she needs me. If my plan fails we will both be sent to The Pit. We can't survive the Octive without each other. I have to tell her after class or it will be to late.

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