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Best friends brother

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You walk in laughing with Julia, your best friend since diapers.

"And then you fell off his skateboard and ate shit." Julia laughs.

You groan "Jul! that hurt. You're so mean." You laugh until her brother walks in, Dylan.

"What's so funny guys?" He smiles.

"Y/N fell off your skateboard." Julia smiles back.

"Oh, really? Y/N?" He smirks.

"Yeah now Dylan go back to your room and fap. We'll be in Juls room." You laugh

"Ugh, I need to shower. I'm sweaty and gross. Give me 5 minutes" says Julia.

You nod and sit on her bed, going on your phone.

You get bored after five minutes and set your phone down and look across the hall at Dylan's room door. He opens the door and you both jump, not expecting to see each other. You try not looking at his bare chest and clear your throat, going back on your phone.

"What's wrong Y/N?" Dylan asks in a teasing tone.

"Nothing." You mumble.

"Why won't you look at me?"

You knew he was doing this on purpose and quickly became annoyed.

You look up and stare at him "Is this better, dipshit?"

"Yeah. It is." Dylan walks towards you and before you could react, he bends down and pushes his lips onto yours.

For a while, you two lay on Julia's bed making out.

You hear a gasp and turn around. Julia looks like she's about to burst out laughing.

You start to blush, embarrassed you two got caught.

"I always knew you guys were gonna get together, but please don't make out on my bed." Julia giggles and pushes you two out of her room.

Dylan smiles and scratches the back of his neck, "You should come over more often."

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