Zak woke me up at 7am and for the first time, I was actually happy about waking up and I jumped out of bed and got dressed in like 5minutes. I went downstairs and found Zak in the kitchen.

"Jeeze, I think that's your personally best time with getting dressed" Zak said looking quite surprised.

"I'm just looking forward to school today dad" I said chuckling. We had breakfast and picked up the boys and got to school.

"Have a good day guys, I'll pick you up after school" Zak said.

"Ok dad, see ya later" I said. With that we went into school, we had maths for our first lesson and then saw Mark at break.

"Hey you three" Mark said, he was really cute, short dark blonde hair a little spikey, brown eyes, about 5'6 and average weight wearing cool Nike trainer boots, dark blue jeans with a blue hoodie and body warmer, he had an amazing smile.

"Hey Mark, where are the others?" I asked. Just as he was about to answer, a group of 'pretty' girls came along and started being really rude.

"Hey turds, how's your precious GA Crew?" A girl said.

"At work" Tommy replied.

"I don't believe at all that they adopted tramps like you, where do you really live? In a skip?" She says.

"Bog off will ya, our lives are none of your business, and yes they are our parents whether you like it or not, so do one!" I yelled. Then she punched me in the face.

"Nobody talks to me like that, EVER!" She yelled and walked off. How did nobody see her?

"Just ignore her guys, she's a bitch" Mark said handing me a tissue for my bleeding lip.

"I don't care that much" I lied. Soon the day past and we got more agro from the girls making threats of beating me up and calling me names like weado, smelly tramp. We got picked up and went home, I was so upset.

"Charlie, are you ok? You look upset" Zak asked.

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I shouted and ran upstaiirs and into the bathroom shutting the door. I got a razor and some medicine from the cupboard and sat down by the bath crying. I was about to cut myself when Zak stormed into the bathroom.

"Dafu- Charlie! What are you doing?" He yelled snatching it out of my hand. "Why, what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking of what the girls at school want, me dead!" I said crying.

"Oh Charlie, was it that bad?" He asked.

"I never wanna go back there again!" I yelled. He sat down beside me and pulled me into his lap and cuddled me.

"Well if it'll cheer you up, we have another lockdown tomorrow, in Australia, I have all your work and we're going for a week" He said.

"Yay!! I always wanted to go there, that's gonna be awesome" I said.

"Yeah, I have packed and we are ready to leave, we leave here at 6am, it's a long flight" Zak said.

"Awesome, I can't wait, and sorry about all this dad, it's justschool got to me" I said.

"It's ok, but next time talk to me ok? I don't wanna see you hurt, promise?" Zak asked.

"Yeah dad, I promise" I said drying my tears and smiling.

"Well, we better get dinner, watch a movie and have an early night" He said.

"Yeah, what's for dinner?" I asked.

"cottage Pie, meal from England" He said.

"One of my faves" I said, we went downstairs and had dinner, I checked my twitter, nothing new, I'll post tomorrow. I had a quick shower and we watched a movie, Ghost, with Patrick Swayze in it.

"Ok, let's go to bed" He said getting up.

"Ok, night dad, love you" I said.

"Love you too, I'll get you up at 5:15 then you have 45minutes to get dressed and get the crew" He said.

"When's the flight?" I asked.

"At 8" He said chuckling.

"Ok night" I said again.

"Night sweetie" He replied we then both went to bed.


Hey guys, finally an update, sorry it was so long, my nan passed away just after new year so I was busy with family and college..sorry it took so long to update, but here it is now and I hope you like this chapter, still more to come, just haven't had the time to write any more chapters than this yet but I will, and I'll update hopefully in a week or two :) thanks everyone, don't forget to vot comment etc! You are all awesome! Thanks for over 13K reads, that is amazing!!

I'm don't think I have updated since before everyone heard about Nick's leave from GAC it is such a shame that he left, and it's weird not seeing him in the new episodes, don't you all think? I miss him, but to me he'll always be apart of the GAC really.

anyway, yh hopefully I'll update in a week or two :)

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